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If you have been watching the news or catching up with current issues online you’ll have heard much recently about vaping in the US. At the time of writing five people have died in the US with their deaths being linked to a respiratory illness outbreak. The blame for this outbreak has been placed at vaping’s door with poor quality/dangerous e liquids and poor e cigarette and e liquid control being cited in the press as the reason for these tragic… Read more
The vaping community (who tend to be fairly clued up on recent research) listened to Sen. Chuck Schumer recently once again blaming vaping companies for teen use. Furthermore, he wants legislation put in place regulating them pronto. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did have legislation in place which would regulate vaping however they have not yet released his, choosing instead to hold off for a while. When or if activated this rul… Read more
You’ll often find us discussing mistruths and poor reporting (or fake news) regarding vaping on here however today we’re happy to announce that not only has the vaping industry received good press for once, the message (that e cigarettes carry a significantly lower risk of lung cancer than cigarettes do) is something of a whopper. Numerous health-related reports, coming from scientific studies and similar are released every week supporting v… Read more
A study completed earlier this year, conducted via assessment of an air sample in a non-ventilated vaping shop has shown that the levels of toxic elements in the air from vaping vapour are completely harmless and indeed on par with “ordinary” air found indoors and out.Passive SmokingWhen the Go Smoke Free legislation came into effect on July 1st, 2007, effectively banning cigarette smoking from all indoor public places, including public transport… Read more

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