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Hands up if you drink coffee. Hands up if you love a cup of coffee. Have you ever been bought a coffee much or chosen one for yourself, purely because it shows your love for coffee? The coffee industry is vast. From your everyday instant to the many coffee shops, it's easy to ensure that you get what you need. Here at GoSmokeFree we can offer you another way to enjoy your favourite beverage, thanks to Coffee and Cream e liquids, producers of some… Read more
There is a lot of jargon to get your head around once you move into more advanced vaping, if that’s for you. Sub-ohm vaping, for example, is a good example. We look at what sub-ohm vaping is, how it works, things to take note of and explore why is it so popular? Please remember that this is a basic guide. Ensure that when altering any device that you do your research and get some proper advice. The aim of sub-ohm vaping is to amplify both va… Read more
Welcome To The Vaping CommunitySo you’ve finally taken the plunge and invested in some dazzling new vaping equipment. Before you step out onto the streets to blow a few clouds, there are a few basic, unwritten rules that you need to be aware of.Your approach to vaping is going to shape the opinions of the non-vaping public. Due to bad press and disinformation, vaping is already seen as an antisocial activity by some. With vaping coming under incr… Read more
What is cloud chasing and competitive vaping?Apart from fewer health risks, there are a lot of other things that set vaping apart from tobacco cigarette smoking. One of the most obvious is the sheer size of the vapour clouds that some vaping devices can produce. Cloud chasing and competitive vaping are two of the terms used to describe vaping specifically for blowing super-sized clouds.Over the last few years the number of cloud chasing competiti… Read more

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