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Hands up if you drink coffee. Hands up if you love a cup of coffee. Have you ever been bought a coffee much or chosen one for yourself, purely because it shows your love for coffee? The coffee industry is vast. From your everyday instant to the many coffee shops, it's easy to ensure that you get what you need. Here at GoSmokeFree we can offer you another way to enjoy your favourite beverage, thanks to Coffee and Cream e liquids, producers of some… Read more
It’s exciting times here at Go Smoke Free. We have just released to customers, having dedicated ourselves to testing them ourselves (it’s a hard life) a whole new range of premium e liquids. Produced by ourselves these Superstar Vapes really are something quite spectacular, and this is why.Thirty Fabulous FlavoursOne of the (many) things that vaping does so much better than smoking is to offer a wide range of flavours for you to enjoy. These… Read more
The beauty of vaping is that there are so many different flavours to choose from, so many different devices and even e liquid types. We help break down your options so that you can find your best e liquid fit.Don't Be Afraid to ExperimentWe all tend to have two or three e liquids that we consider our main stock, the everyday vapes we go back to time and again. There's nothing wrong with this. What you do have to be careful though is forgetti… Read more
One of the reasons that so many people love the idea of vaping is that it allows you to customise your hobby to maximise your enjoyment. You decide what flavours you want to try, what kind of e-cigarette device tickles your fancy, and how much nicotine you want. Or not. Nicotine-free e-liquids are popular for several reasons, not least for those fed up with the TPD regulations. Enjoy Enhanced Flavours.If you are a flavour chaser, which means the… Read more

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