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Hands up if you have a sweet tooth? Hands up if you have, at one time or another felt guilt because of a sweet treat you’ve eaten or something sugary that you’ve drunk? We’ve all been there. We have good news for you though! If you’re a vaper and enjoy something sweet, our sweet e liquid range could be just what you’ve been looking for.We have a massive range of e liquids with sweet tones, some of which we’ll highlight below so that you have an… Read more
It’s exciting times here at Go Smoke Free. We have just released to customers, having dedicated ourselves to testing them ourselves (it’s a hard life) a whole new range of premium e liquids. Produced by ourselves these Superstar Vapes really are something quite spectacular, and this is why.Thirty Fabulous FlavoursOne of the (many) things that vaping does so much better than smoking is to offer a wide range of flavours for you to enjoy. These… Read more

27th Sep 2018

It’s that wonderful time of year when the soft, warm jumpers come out, the slow cooker goes on and the fires are lit. We have Halloween and Bonfire Night to look forward to and traditionally autumn is all about all things warm, comforting and fun. With that in mind here are some of our favourite e liquids which are just perfect for autumn.Dessert Flavoured E LiquidsIf you are a fan of all things sweet our sweet flavours are incredibly popular and… Read more
St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching (Saturday 17th March) and you know what that means? Guinness, cheeky leprechauns, big hats and much flag waving, singing and dancing? No, it means we have a great opportunity to tell about anything green we stock of course.By green we don’t mean a new eco range or Hulk-coloured vaping juice, however we do have a few eliquids actually that fit the ticket.First up we have our exciting range of menthol flavours.M… Read more

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