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One of the most popular benefits of vaping over smoking is the fact that using an e cigarette rather than a tobacco ecig is the fact that it is so much cheaper. There are many other benefits, of course, not least the health implications, but the budget-friendly aspect in these financially uncertain times is a real pull for many. With the announcement of the 2020 Budget, the gap between vaping and smoking costs has widened further than ever. We lo… Read more
Welcome To The Vaping CommunitySo you’ve finally taken the plunge and invested in some dazzling new vaping equipment. Before you step out onto the streets to blow a few clouds, there are a few basic, unwritten rules that you need to be aware of.Your approach to vaping is going to shape the opinions of the non-vaping public. Due to bad press and disinformation, vaping is already seen as an antisocial activity by some. With vaping coming under incr… Read more
There are a great many reasons why people switch over from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping e cigarettes. E cigarettes really started to become popular in the UK after the 2007 Go Smoke Free legislation was passed, prohibiting the use of tobacco cigarettes in the workplace, on public transport and in a number of other public places.While some might suggest that the reason people moved over post-legislation was because while tobacco cigare… Read more

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