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The term Brexit is everywhere. It’s on social media, in the news, on the radio, in the supermarket and everyone is talking about it. Brexit is fast approaching and if all goes to plan (The Government's plan), we will be officially leaving the EU on 29th March. This is not a post for or against Brexit, this is about what we think is likely to happen with regards the post-Brexit rules and regulations about vaping.      &nbs… Read more
We’ve written about the TPD restrictions in the past. While some might seem to make sense at face value there is a worry that they are restricting the vaping industry too tightly which in turn is not leaving people open to advertise vaping as they might have done, again in turn encouraging more and more people to switch over to vaping from smoking.Public Health England, the driving force behind the 2007 Go Smoke Free legislation in Engl… Read more
A great number of people have moved over from smoking to vaping, a well-recognised cleaner, safer and healthier alternative to smoking. There are however still many, too many experts say, individuals choosing to smoke and part of that reason is that strict regulations around e cigarettes makes the idea of switching less attractive.Making the switch from smoking to vaping less attractive only benefits those who are making money from cigarettes. It… Read more
If you are a part of the vaping community and have been for a while, the chances are you’ll have heard plenty about the TPD regulations. You may know all about these regulations however you might not, and if you are new to vaping, this mini crash course on finding out if your e cig and e juices are TPD Compliant might be just what you need.Every website, every vaping store and every vaping forum will have mentions of TPD somewhere. Many have plen… Read more

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