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Food Fighter Juice

When it comes to sugary treats without an ounce of guilt, Food Fighter Juice for your e cigarette is where it’s at! Based in Miami, Florida, Food Fighter Juice have become something of an international sensation and it’s easy to see why. With flavour strands in each and every draw that combine to create mouth-watering vapour, you’ll be left 100% satisfied each and every time.

Food Fighter Juice are known for their commitment to not only ensuring that even the most miniscule flavour details are where they want them for optimum taste but for also ensuring the delivery method is up to the challenge too. Using top grade nicotine and a top spec 80/20 VG/PG ratio, these e juices are perfectly set to create big vape clouds of fabulous flavour and are ideally suited for sub ohm devices too. It’s worth giving Food Fighter Juice a go, that way you’ll always be on top vaping form.