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Smoking vs Vaping

Smoking cigarettes used to be trendy and cool, but times have changed. What was once considered debonair and sophisticated is now highly discouraged in social settings. We are all conscious of the dangers and risks of smoking and how significantly it affects our health, motivating us to kick the habit. Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of preventable death in the UK. Numerous studies indicate that the vast majority of current smokers would like to kick the habit for good. Still, it hasn't always been that easy until recently.

It's undoubtedly better for your health:

There's been a lot of fear-mongering going on, which has resulted in people now believing that vaping is more dangerous than smoking, when the exact opposite is true—the official stance on vaping estimates a staggering 95% better health benefits when compared to smoking. E-cigs are also far more beneficial to aid the quitting process, which is the most significant benefit of all. E-liquid ingredients are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), water, flavourings, and, if required, nicotine, compared with the 4000+ carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes. Smokers who have made the switch to vaping have reported health benefits, ranging from lower blood pressure, easier breathing, enhanced taste and smell, and all in just a few weeks of quitting traditional cigarettes.

Vaping is cheaper than smoking:

There is no doubt about it; vaping is far more affordable than smoking. The average smoker spends in the region of £3200.00 per year. In contrast, the initial cost of purchasing your e-cig is in the vicinity of £30.00 for a starter friendly device. Replacement coils and batteries should cost in the region of £90 per year. Prices of e-liquid vary, but for a good quality e-juice, you can expect to pay £7.00 for 10mls; this should last you up to a week. Once you've completed upfront purchases, vaping's expenses are minuscule in comparison to smoking.

E-cigs are a valuable tool to help you stop smoking:

If you ask any smoker what the most challenging part of quitting is, they will surely say the "physical" act of smoking. The appeal of using an e-cig is that it replicates hand-to-mouth activity, addresses the inhaling and exhaling action, is more socially acceptable and keeps the hands busy. Traditional NRT's (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) like patches, gums, and sprays address the nicotine cravings but do not satisfy the ceremony of smoking a cigarette. Herein lies the reason most smokers are unsuccessful when trying to kick the habit.

E-cigarette vapour is not as dangerous as secondhand cigarette smoke:

For a number of years, the effects of secondhand or passive smoking have been studied. The results indicate that cigarette smoke will always be incredibly dangerous both to smokers and those around them. Secondhand smoke is damaging to all, the most vulnerable being children. The effects of this can cause respiratory infections, asthma, and ear, nose and throat issues. It also intensifies the risk of heart disease, strokes, and many cancers, to name but a few. However, the vapour from an e-cigarette is pretty harmless as it gradually dissipates with none of the harmful side effects.

Cigarette smoke lingers, e-cigarette vapour does not:

Numerous research shows that the exhaled vapour from an e-cigarette breaks down almost immediately and does not compromise the surrounding air quality of others. This is in direct contrast to cigarette smoke or 'sidestream' smoke (the burning tip of a cigarette) which lingers in the air for a minimum of two to three hours. Cigarette smoke also penetrates fabrics and furnishings in the home. The tar found in cigarettes stains furniture, walls and ceilings. It also makes your home and clothing smell like a dirty ashtray.

There are far more vape flavours than tobacco:

From May 2020, all menthol cigarettes have been banned from sale across the UK. This means fewer options available for smokers. Fortunately, the vast selection and flavours of e-liquid are always available. There is practically no end to the e-liquid flavour choices.

You can use your vape in places where you can't smoke:

Even though plenty of private establishments have implemented vaping restrictions, there are currently no plans to ban vaping indoors (like cigarette and other tobacco products). Rules and regulations vary tremendously, so when in a social setting, please be polite and always enquire first.

You're able to vape and smoke at the same time:

Often, this combined approach helps take the pressure off what seems such an impossible task. Being able to smoke cigarettes and use a vaping system can help you reach your goal of quitting and at a pace that suits your goals. A perfect way to introduce such a system would be to use your vape in designated areas or public spaces with favourable vaping policies. If allowed, use your e-cig during the day, as you may find many previous smoking areas now have a vaping policy and/or a designated vaping area.

Vaping with nicotine: It's easier to cut down over time:

Pretty much all e-liquids have different nicotine strengths available. This allows you to wean off nicotine one step at a time and on your terms, with no pressure!