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Quitting smoking with the help of e-cigarettes

E-Cigs have been a successful tool for millions of people, helping them transition from cigarettes to vaping. A survey done in the UK during 2019 reported 60% of current smokers want to quit smoking, yet many don't try as they've more than aware of how hard this can be. Most have tried methods such as patches, gum or sprays and have failed to kick the habit. So if you find yourself reading this, be assured that you're not alone and quitting cigs with the help of e-cigs is very doable.

Can you quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes?

Most definitely, yes. One of the most successful instruments to help you quit cigarettes and go smoke-free is using an e-cig. The switch over from a traditional cigarette to an e-cig is simple. There is none of the "dreaded countdown" to your last cigarette. It duplicates the feeling of smoking you're so familiar with, and so the crossover is effortless.

What happens when you quit smoking?

E-cigarettes don't contain the carcinogens and 4000+ chemicals like tobacco cigarettes do. When you stop smoking, the health benefits are instant: A timeline below gives you an idea:

Eight hours: Your body starts to rid itself of carbon monoxide.

Twenty four hours: Decreased risk of a heart attack as constriction in arteries and veins is eased.

Seventy-two hours: Breathing becomes more comfortable as bronchial tubes inside the lungs have relaxed—your lung capacity increases.

One week: This is a pivotal milestone! If you've been cigarette free for one week, you are nine times more likely to quit for good.

Two weeks: Smelling and tasting start to return to normal.

One month: Energy levels increase, and sleep patterns improve.

One year: The lungs have experienced dramatic health improvements. Breathing is far easier when exerting yourself or whilst exercising. At the one year mark, you have saved yourself approximately £3200.00 on cigarettes.

Five years: Your risk of lung cancer has decreased by 50% compared to when you smoked. Ten years: Your risk of dying due to lung cancer has reduced to that of a non-smoker. Any pre-cancerous cells have now been replaced with healthy cells in the lung tissue.

Fifteen years: Risks of strokes and heart attacks has decreased to that of a person who has never smoked before. As soon as you stop smoking, you can start experiencing these health benefits and save yourself a LOT of money.

How do electronic cigarettes help you stop smoking?

Suppose you have decided to quit cigarettes due to health and/or financial reasons. E-cigs have proven to be one of the most successful smoking cessation products in recent years. More people are turning away from cigarettes as they realise the potential of vaping to get them through the quitting process. When it comes to quitting cigarettes, what makes vaping so popular? The reason is simple; it is the only substitute that successfully replicates the ceremony of smoking. The action of hand to mouth, the inhale and exhale of a cigarette. Vaping replicates this as well as safely delivering the nicotine that the body craves. This helps smokers avoid cravings and helps fight against habits, behaviours and sensations.

Can you wean off nicotine with E-Cigs?

Yes, you can, and this tends to be the end game for the majority who give up cigarettes. Most people gradually reduce nicotine strengths until they are using zero nicotine. Some quit vaping altogether or carry an e-cig with 0mg nicotine e-liquid with them as a back up because, you know, life happens. An added benefit of e-cigarettes is that there is absolutely no pressure for you to quit. Reducing the nicotine strength can be done at your own pace. For some, it's desirable to remain on higher nicotine, whilst others find it easy to decrease the nicotine content as they progress. There are no rules here.

What e-cigarette should I use to stop smoking?

What you decide on will depend on your daily needs. Suppose you're always on the go or not close to a power outlet during the day? In that case, you need to consider a sufficient battery. You don't want to run out of battery life during those first critical stages of quitting cigarettes, so think about buying a vape starter kit with a larger battery.

Another consideration is size and shape. Will you keep your vape in your pocket or handbag? Do you travel? Consider your work routine as well as weekends. Vape starter kits tend to be smaller than some of the larger vape mods out there, so take these factors into account before deciding.

A feature that must be considered is how simple it is to use. All the vape kits are relatively easy once you're familiar with them. You want to choose something that easily integrates into your day to day routine. Minimum fuss and maintenance would mean looking at a vape pod, but if you enjoy gadgets and tech, look at a vape kit with settings you can adjust.