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A Guide to Vaping Pod Kits

Pod kits are small and compact. They're available in different designs and are a terrific choice for a newbie vaper, especially if you've just made the switch over from cigarettes. With so many options available, it can be tough deciding on which one will suit all your needs—closed pod kits? Open pod kits? Both have their unique features and benefits. Here we look at the basics which may help you choose.

Closed or Open Pod Kit?

The size of pod kits varies, ranging from the size of a cigarette lighter to larger sub-ohm kits to allow for replaceable batteries. The 'Pod' replaces the tank or atomiser found on similar kits, and it attaches to the battery using magnets or clips. Pods are available in two styles: Closed Pods and Open / Refillable Pods.

Closed Pods: These are considered the most convenient and user friendly. These pods have a fixed coil and are filled with e-liquid. When the pod is empty, you replace it with another that is suited to your device. With closed pods, you will be limited to the brand's flavours, making them a little less versatile.

Open Pods: Also dubbed refillable pods. These allow you to fill the pod with any suitable e-liquid you choose. Most open system pods are disposable so that when the coil wears out, you just replace it with another.

Which one suits your needs?

The most basic answer here is your lifestyle and smoking habits.

An open pod kit allows you to use whichever e-liquid you prefer. They're also better suited to higher PG (Propylene Glycol) liquids enabling a more substantial throat hit and intensified flavour. You're also able to customise the nicotine strength. An advantage of the open system is gradually reducing nicotine over a while.

The closed pod systems are pre-filled, often with a high dose of nic salt e-liquid. If you were a heavier smoker, these are usually popular. Nicotine salt pods give an instant nicotine with great flavour and a reasonably mild throat hit.

What are the benefits of pod kits?

Longer lasting: In recent years, vaping technology has improved in leaps and bounds, and pod kits are no exception. Even the smaller pods have larger batteries to allow for all-day, uninterrupted vaping. As e-liquid use goes, the open pod systems are really impressive here as you'll get numerous refills from one single pod before it needs replacing.

Affordable: After the start-up costs of purchasing a pod kit, which is very reasonable in itself, additional future running costs are moderate and won't break the bank. Purchasing e-liquids and replacement pods every so often will be the only other expenses you'll have.

Pocket friendly and discreet: Easily portable and take up no more space than a box of cigarettes. Some pod kits are even small enough to fit into your wallet or purse.

Easy to use: Pod kits are user friendly and foolproof. They do have a single click button to turn the device on or off. Some have an added feature known as a "manual draw" design. This means that the vape can sense airflow and only fire up when you inhale from the mouthpiece.

Excellent for transitioning smokers: Pod kits are particularly compatible with nicotine salts and higher PG (Propylene Glycol) e-liquids. They're an excellent alternative for vapers who require a high nicotine level or a more substantial throat hit. These pods are highly satisfying, meaning a quick nicotine fix when you need it.