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E Cigarette Slang and Definitions & Glossary

A Comprehensive E Cigarette Term Glossary

Advancements in technology has allowed manufacturers to produce a whole new way of smoking. While the e cigarette market is still relatively new it is expanding quickly yet not as quickly as the e smoking, e cigarette smoking or vaping language that comes hand in hand with the new smoking revolution.

This is a brief guide to understanding the e cigarette related terms that you will come across on e cigarette websites, forums and when amongst others who have found their way to the e cigarette world.


Alternative Cigarettes: This is a term used to described e cigarettes, as they are known as the alternative to traditional or tobacco cigarettes.

Analog Cigarette: As traditional or tobacco cigarettes don’t have any digital technology (etc) they are referred to in the industry as analog cigarettes.

Atomizer: This is a commonly used e smoking term. The atomizer is the piece of equipment within the e cigarette which works to turn the e liquid into vapour in order for it to be inhaled.

Automatic Switch: As automatical batteries don’t come with a switch to activate or operate an automatic switch is used and is activated when the e smoker takes a drag on the device.


Battery: This is the part of the e cigarette that powers the heating coil or element in order to turn the e liquid into a vapour for inhaling. Without a charged battery an e cigarette simply wouldn’t work.


Car Adapter: A useful piece of kit a car adapter connects via a USB charger so that you may charge up when driving.

Carto: This a slang term for the electronic cigarette cartridge.

Cartomizer: The commonly used term used to describe the e cigarette cartridge which is the combination of a atomizer and the cartridge.

Cartridges: The cartridge is where the e liquid (the liquid containing the bases, flavours and nicotine) “lives”. Unless they are disposable these cartridges are refilled when empty.

Carts: Another slang term or shortening to describe the e cigarette cartridge.

Charger: The charger charges the e cigarette battery as opposed to the whole cigarette. The battery powers the whole device. There are a number of different charger types including USB chargers and car chargers.

Conventional Smoking: Traditional smoking, conventional smoking and regular smoking are all terms for the habit of smoking tobacco based cigarettes, pre rolled by machine (i.e a branded cigarettes in a packet of ten or twenty) or hand rolled cigarettes, cigars etc.



Digital Cigarette: A digital cigarette is another term used to describe an e cig or electronic cigarette.

Disposable E-Cigs: E cigarettes commonly come in two forms, those that may be refilled and reused and disposable ones. Disposables last much longer than a traditional cigarette however may still be discarded when finished with / empty.

Draw: A draw or drag is the term used for when an e smoker inhalers on the e cigarette and takes in the vapour products made via the heating of the e liquid contained within.


E-Cig Accessories: These accessories may include lanyards for carrying your e cigarette, extra chargers, batteries and more. Anything which might enhance your e smoking enjoyment and ease of use.

E-Cig: The commonly used short version of e cigarette or electronic cigarette.

E-Cigarette: The shorter version of electronic cigarette.

E-Juice: E juice is another name for the more commonly used e liquid. E juice / e liquid is the liquid which contains the flavourings and any nicotine which is then heated to produce an inhalable vapour.

E-Liquid: The e liquid is the liquid or solution which contains a base (vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol), flavourings and the nicotine. This is heated to produce a vapour which is then inhaled by the e smoker.

E-Smoke: An e smoke is the slang term for an e cigarette.

E Smoker: A E smoker is an electronic cigarette user who may be called a vaper, as in a person who enjoys vaping which is smoking an e cig,

Electronic Cigarette: The electronic cigarette is the device used as an alternative to a traditional / tobacco cigarette. Known as an e cig, e cigarette or even an e smoke.


Flavor Cartridge: Not used commonly yet still worth mentioning the flavour cartridge is a term used to describe the e cigarette cartridge which contains the flavouring and nicotine solution.


Hit: The hit is the sensation of the inhalation of the vapour. Also referred to as the throat hit.


Leaking: Occasionally a malfunction or a cartridge being overfilled will result in some leaking or leakage. Maintaining the cigarette and being practiced at refilling dramatically reduces the chances of this happening.

LED: Many e cigarettes light up or glow at the end the same as the end would burn brighter on a traditional cigarette when a drag or draw is taken. This is powered by an LED light. LED lights are also used as power lights or charge indicators, dependant on the make and model of the e cigarette.

Lithium Ion Batteries: These batteries, often referred to as being the most powerful / the strongest available are what are used to power the e cigarettes.



Microcomputer: A microcomputer may also be referred to as a smart chip. This chip is in basic terms the piece of advanced technology which sends a specific signal from the battery to the atomizer, effectively making it work.

Microprocessor: This is the piece of the battery which controls both the LED light/s and the heating element or coil.

Milligrams: A milligram is the measurement used to show how much e liquid or how much nicotine is in use.

Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is the section at the end of the e cigarette through which the e smoker will inhale the vapour produced, much in the same way they would on the end of a tobacco cigarette.



Nicotine Level: This is the amount of nicotine contained within a cartridge (or bottle / vial of e liquid).

Nicotine Liquid: The nicotine liquid contains the nicotine obviously (e liquids come in varying levels of nicotine strengths) as well as flavourings within a base solution. This nicotine liquid is what is heated to produce a vapour.

Nicotine: Nicotine is the ingredient found in e cigarettes (within the e liquid) which makes the e smoking experience as pleasant as it is, producing a sensation many smoke e cigarettes in order to enjoy.


Personal Charging Case: This is a case which has been designed in order for e smokers to keep their e cigarettes close for easy access. They may also aid charging when necessary. The case is charged at home and then used as a slim cigarette case and which may be used as an emergency charger when out and about.

Propylene Glycol: This is the base liquid used within the e cigarettes. It is odourless and colourless and is also used in food production and cosmetics amongst other uses.

Puff: When puffing on an e cigarette the e smoker takes a draw or drag to basically pull out or inhale the vapour produced.

Pull: A pull is the same as a puff, a drag or a draw. These are all different terms for the same action of taking in the vapour of an e cigarette to enjoy the throat hit and flavourings.


Sensor:  The sensor is the component within the e cigarette which detects when the e smoker has taken a draw or drag on the device.

Smart Chip: The smart chip is the component within the e cigarette which allows it to function as it should.

Starter Kit: A starter kit is as the name suggests a kit which contains all of the basic items someone new to e smoking would need to get started as well as usually comprehensive instructions.

Steeping: Steeping is the practice of leaving your e juice without its cap on in a dark and cool place for a period of three to ten days initially to allow the flavour to mature and develop. This is a popular practice amongst experienced e smokers.


Throat Hit: The throat hit is described as the pleasurable sensation an e smoker experiences when they inhale the vapour produced by their e cigarette.


USB Charger: This is an easy to use charger which enables you to charge your e cigarette battery via your computer or laptop's USB port.


Vape: To vape is to smoke an e cigarette, so vape, vaping, e smoke, smoking are all the same thing.

Vaping: Vaping is the slang / alternative term for e smoking / using an electronic cigarette.

Vapour Production: Vapour production refers to the amount of vapour the e cigarette produces for the e smoker to inhale.

Vapour Smoking: Vapour smoking is a lesser used term meaning e smoking or vaping; the act of inhaling the vapour from an e cigarette.

Vapour: Vapour when it comes to e smoking is the product that is inhaled by smokers which is produced by the gentle heating of the e liquid within the e cigarette.

Vegetable Glycerin: This is a commonly used base solution which is safe to use and naturally sourced from plants. This solution will be added to flavourings and nicotine to form e liquid.