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  • 5 Pack Joyetech ProC BF Coil Atomizer Heads
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5 Pack Joyetech ProC BF Coil Atomizer Heads

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Joyetech ProC-BF Coils are compatible with many of Joyetech’s mouth-to-lung (MTL) tanks and starter kits. ProC-BF coils feature a tight draw that’s very close to the mouth-feel of a traditional cigarette. For the best possible flavour, each of the coils in the range is wicked with pure organic cotton. Whether you select an economical 5 pack of low-ohm coils, or a pack of cloud-focused sub-ohm coils, a flavoursome MTL vape is guaranteed.

5 x ProC-BF replaceable Clapton coil heads (1.5 Ohms)
This low-power (8 to 20 Watt) mouth-to-lung coil head uses Clapton coil wire to maximise flavour intensity. Clapton coil wire is wound like a guitar string, with a heavy central ‘core’ wire wrapped in thinner, lighter wire. Though Clapton coils have a slower warm-up, the increased coil density and surface area helps extract more flavour from your e juice.

Joyetech ProC-BF 1.5 Ohm Clapton Coil Head Features:
1.5 Ohm replaceable ProC-BF Clapton coil head
For use with the listed Joyetech mouth-to-lung devices
Rated at 8 to 20 Watts
Clapton coil wire with a tight draw & increased flavour
10.5mm x 16.5mm Stainless Steel barrel
Organic cotton wick for best flavour purity
Economical e juice consumption at low wattages
100% Genuine Joyetech ProC-BF coil

5 x ProC-BF replaceable SS316 coil heads (1.0 Ohm)
Firing between 15 and 25 Watts, this moderately powered coil uses Stainless Steel coil wire to release crisp, lively flavour profiles from your e juice. The 316 grade Stainless Steel coil wire can be vaped in variable wattage (VW) and temperature control (TC) modes. This 1.0 Ohm coil delivers a fast response and vapes with a tight, mouth-to-lung draw.

Joyetech ProC-BF 1.0 Ohm SS316 Coil Head Features:
1.0 Ohm replaceable ProC-BF SS316 (Stainless Steel) coil head
For use with the Joyetech mouth-to-lung devices listed below
Rated at 15 to 25 Watts
Stainless Steel coil wire suitable for VW, Bypass & TC vaping
Screw fitting coil head measuring 10.5mm x 16.5mm
Crisp, pure flavour from coil wire & organic cotton core
Low e juice consumption at moderate wattages
100% Authentic Joyetech ProC-BF coil

5 x ProC-BF replaceable Kanthal coil heads (0.6 Ohms)
Kanthal is a dependable coil wire that extracts great flavour from most types of e juice. These ‘sub-ohm’ replaceable ProC-BF coil heads have a resistance of 0.6 Ohms and a tight, mouth-to-lung style draw. Unlike Stainless Steel, Kanthal coil wire must be vaped in variable wattage (Power), or Bypass modes only. Firing between 15 and 28 Watts, this coil can produce respectable cloud volume at higher power settings.

Joyetech ProC-BF 0.6 Ohm Kanthal Coil Head Features:
0.6 Ohm replaceable ProC-BF Kanthal coil head
Compatible with many of Joyetech’s MTL kits & atomizers
Rated at 15 to 28 Watts
Kanthal coil wire suitable for VW or Bypass vaping only
Screw-in coil head measuring 10.5mm x 16.5mm
Consistently good flavour with extra cloud potential
Vape at lower wattages for longer life & e juice economy
Genuine Joyetech ProC-BF coil

5 x ProC-BF replaceable SS316 coil heads (0.5 Ohms)
Joyetech have designed this coil with a slightly looser draw that’s midway between mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-lung (DL) vaping styles. This coil also features Stainless Steel coil wire. This makes the 0.5 Ohm, SS316 coil compatible with variable wattage, bypass and temperature control modes. This versatile option can be vaped between 15 and 30 Watts.

Joyetech ProC-BF 0.5 Ohm SS316 Coil Head Features:
0.5 Ohm replaceable ProC-BF SS316 (Stainless Steel) coil head
Compatible with the tanks & vape kits listed below
Rated at 15 to 30 Watts
Stainless Steel wire can be vaped in VW, Bypass & TC modes
Easily replaceable, 10.5mm x 16.5mm screw-in coil
Clean flavour, with bigger cloud potential
Suitable for DL vaping at higher wattage/temperature settings
Genuine replacement Joyetech ProC-BF coil

Joyetech ProC-BF coils are compatible with the following devices:

•    Joyetech eGo AIO kits
•    eVic AIO Kit
•    Cubis, Cubis 2, Cubis Pro & Cubis Pro Mini Atomizers
•    The Elitar Pipe

The lifespan of a ProC-BF coil head will vary depending on the e liquid formula, wattage/temperature settings and how frequently you vape each day.

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  1. Par excellence

    Posted by on

    This is the place to go for all e-cig supplies! !

    Products are high quality and delivery prompt! !

  2. Fantastic

    Posted by on

    I have bought these coils several times as I have a few tanks that use them. Great coils at a great price.

  3. more room

    Posted by on

    i have several cubis pro2 tanks and with original coil they hold 2ml of juice but if you fit these it will increase to 3.5ml and i get a great draw from them

  4. Superb

    Posted by on

    Perfect replacements. These 0.5ohm coils are hexagonal in shape instead of the regular circular approach. They look great inside my Pro C vape pen. I will buy another pack from this same supplier when I need more.