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NonSmokers and Secondhand Smoke

Did You know....?

85% of secondhand smoke cannot be smelled or seen by the naked eye. There is no way to get away from something which gives no indication of its presence. Those who breathe in secondhand smoke increase their chances of getting heart disease by 25%, and lung cancer by 24%.

Over 4,000 different toxic chemicals are found in secondhand smoke, and 69 of those are cancer-causing chemicals. Some of these deadly substances include arsenic, formaldehyde and benzene.

Non-Smoker Tips

Speak up and ask someone to move away from you if they are going to smoke. Never let a friend or family member smoke in your car or your home. Explain to them that it is fine of they smoke outside, but not in enclosed spaces.

If you know someone who wants to quit smoking, then tell them about the NHS support services which are available.