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What is Stoptober?

12th Aug 2016

There are many popular events that run each year however few can boast that they’ve saved as many lives as Stoptober potentially has. Incredibly popular with people of all ages and adopted by many health organisations, Stoptober is all about helping people to quit smoking.

What is it Exactly?

Stoptober was created in 2012 and the four-week (twenty-eight) day long challenge encourages those taking part to stop smoking during the month of October.

When it comes to giving up any habit it pays to have certain goals, tips and tricks in places however we don’t think that even Public Health England, who created the first and subsequent events had any idea how motivating it would be or have been able to foresee just how successful it would become.

In 2014 alone over a quarter of a million people took part, many of whom gave up smoking for good.

Why Does It Work

Joining Stoptober isn’t simply a “I’ll give it a go” thing. With so many people taking part it has a “family of quitters” vibe going on and this comradery goes a long way towards helping people give up tobacco cigarettes. Stoptober receives a lot of media attention, with celebrities taking part as well as many people choosing to use Stoptober to raise money for charities, as well as to benefit their own health.

How hard giving up smoking is has been well-documented over a great number of years however Stoptober offers additional support to cigarette smokers with their website, their app, Facebook groups, TV adverts, written materials and so much more.

Many studies have shown that after giving something up (completely) for twenty-eight days you are five times more likely to give it up entirely, and for good. Sticking with the challenge (because your friends and family are cheering you on, as much as any other reason) for those twenty-eight days could quite literally be life-changing.

The Benefits of Giving Up Smoking

Again, the short and long-term effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes are well known and much campaigned against. Not only is giving up smoking now good for your long-term health, there are short-term benefits too. You’ll feel more active, be able to taste and smell things better than before, have a lot more money in your pocket certainly and overall have a healthier outlook.

How Do I Sign Up?

The NHS SmokeFree website is packed full of helpful hints, tips and sources of support to help you ditch the tobacco for good. You don’t need to wait until October to give up however, those wanting to give Stoptober a go may sign up on the site and will receive a pack nearer he time.

Good luck!

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