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Vaping Safety and Top Battery Choices for Mods

16th Mar 2015

Two questions which come up frequently when new users start vaping on a new e cigarette device tend to be:

  • Which battery will work best for mods
  • Which is the right battery to use
  • All e cigarettes are powered by powerful lithium batteries. Without these the e cigs simply will not work. Used properly and handled with care these batteries are safe to use however if not looked after and used as per instructions, especially in cases where they are used in mechanical mods for e smoking they may become dangerous and even catch fire.

    In order to encourage best and safe use we've put together answers to the most commonly asked questions in order to help you get the most out of your battery use, to choose the best batteries for your mods and to of course keep you safe.

    Is Bigger Always Better?

    Please only use the correct battery size for your mod. While most mods will only fit the right type / size others might not be so restrictive so check you are using the right battery type. Low quality batteries also result in a less efficient and lower quality e smoke so as well as choosing the right size choose a quality battery make. We only stock the highest quality batteries as our aim is to work tirelessly to ensure you enjoy the optimum e smoke each and every time.

    What is the Best Battery Brand to Use

    Again, quality brands offer the best e smoking experience as they power your device most effectively, they last longer and they retain charger longer. Poor quality / old batteries will not work as well, may damage your electronic cigarette and certainly are not as safe as quality brands are.

    What Batteries are Best For Mods

    IMR batteries are by far safer than ICR batteries due to the way their chemistry works. It is due to this that ICRs must be sold with protection circuits in place. IMR on the other hand are not sold with protection circuits in place. Due to this they allow for higher amp discharges which makes them ideal for mechanical devices (such as e cigarettes) which are build on low resistance designs.

    While there are many lithium batteries available to buy not all are suitable for electronic cigarettes and it is important to get the right one/s. Hybrid, IMR (LiMn) and ICR (or LiCoO2 or LiCd) batteries are recommended with Hybrids being considered to have more stable / safer chemistry than IMRs and IMRs than ICR. Here at GoSmokeFree we would therefore recommend a Hybrid or IMR battery for both safety and performance.

    Please remember that if your device instructions / manufacturer guidelines insist on a specific battery type and you use something else your warranty will become voided.

    So Lithium Batteries Aren't All the Same

    All e cigarette batteries are measured in the same way and that is by how much they may hold charge-wise, their voltage and their amperage. E cigarettes are made for use with 3.7v batteries (3.7v is the average charge these batteries expel or hold so if the battery was to drop to 3.2v it would be effectively out of charge and if it reached 4.3v it would be charged to the max). The amperage rate of a battery is the rate which shows the level at which the battery gives out or discharges power. An A or a C on a battery shows this measurement (for example 15C).

    The storage capability of a lithium battery is indicated by a number which shows a milliamp hour and the letters mAh (for example 1500mAh). The higher the level of the mAh is the longer in theory the battery should last between charges.

    This may sound very technical however you quickly get to grips with which batteries you should or shouldn't use as you get to know your device and more about e smoking. It is important that you check however as if you use the wrong battery or exceed a battery's limits the results could be failure of the battery, overheating, fire and even explosion. You will certainly damage your device and put yourself at risk of harm if you do not follow safety instructions.

    Vaping Safely: Battery Ratings and Coil Resistance Know-How

    Once you have got to grips with battery types and what their ratings are you will be in a position to learn about how using this information alongside the coils resistance within your atomizer will help you check you are enjoying a safe vape. If you aren't sure what the resistance is you may purchase an ohms reader. These are easy to find as they are sold alongside many e cigarettes and accessories / supplies.

    With your ohms, mAh, voltage (v) and Amperage (C or A) you will be able to use these pieces of info to accurately work out what the max continuous output of your battery is and how much your device will discharge current-wise.

    Batteries with A ratings give you the max discharge however ones with a C need to be converted and this is how:

  • Multiply the C rating of your battery by the mAh (see above).
  • This gives the Continuous Maximum Discharge. To ensure you are set up for a safe e smoke you now need to know the current at which the device discharges. To do this:

    1. Take your battery's voltage level (4.2v when fully charged up)

    2. Divide this by the coil resistance to find your real discharge rate.

    Compare this reading with your battery's amp rating. The current must be lower than the battery amperage level to be deemed safe. Please note that the discharge rate for the e cig must also be less than the battery's amp limit.

    Charging Up Safety And Smartly

    There are a great number of chargers available on the market. First and foremost it is important that you only use the charger which charges at the correct rate for your electronic cigarette. Chargers which produce a higher charge level will damage the battery and may cause it to catch fire / explode.

    Even when using the right level of charge you are faced with a fabulous range of charger types so we recommend using a smart charger. The beauty of the smart charger is that they have protections in place for over-discharging and voltage protection. These chargers also often sport multiple charging modes. Some of these nifty chargers will identify the battery type you are charging and automatically select the correct charge mode for you.

    This type of personalised charging is important as it will prolong the life of your battery, keep the low charge level at 3.2v (lower charge levels are not recommended on safety grounds), and stop the battery going above the maximum charge level of 4.25v.

    Top Tips for Battery Use

  • Store batteries in a case, never loose as this may cause damage and be dangerous.
  • Use a case for safe battery storage.
  • Keep away from water / liquids and sources of heat / fire.
  • Do not use a damaged battery. Check batteries visually on first use and periodically to watch for signs of damage.
  • Don't over-discharge or over-charge batteries. Batteries that have been over-charged (run below 3.2v) should be discarded.
  • Recycle batteries where possible or dispose of safely.
  • To get the very best out of your mods, your every day use and to ensure that you are safe at all times please ensure that you follow this guidance and any information provided by the manufacturer.

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