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​Vaping on a Budget

23rd Oct 2017

At face value, vaping might seem more expensive than tobacco smoking when you consider the price of a packet of cigarettes and a starter kit. When you break things down however it’s easy to see that not only is vaping the healthier alternative, it can be cheaper long term and much easier to afford on a budget.


First and foremost the most important thing to consider when weighing up whether or not you should switch from tobacco smoking to vaping is your health. Vaping has been confirmed as being at least 95% better for you than smoking, and unlike tobacco cigarette contents, none of the ingredients in vaping/e liquids have been classified as being cancer causing by WHO (World Health Organisation). Add to this the costs associated with smoking related health issues, such as increased coughs/respiratory concerns which might result in prescription costs, days off work or even long-term health problems, which sadly do often have a monetary cost/side effect attached.

Starting Out

If you were to start smoking you would need a lighter or matches and a packet of cigarettes. The price of cigarettes now may be anywhere between £9 and £11 depending on the brand. Unless you buy a starter kit on offer, the chances are you’ll spend a little more on getting started with vaping.

The difference being, when you’ve smoked your twenty cigarettes, you’ve finished and have to buy another whole pack, forking out another £9-£11. With vaping, the starter kit is the gift that keeps on giving and may be used again and again. E liquids will run out and do need to be replaced obviously but again, this is at a fraction of the cost of tobacco cigarettes and they will last much longer.

Starter kits come in all shapes and sizes, from vary basic kits to more advanced starter kits. Which is best for you depends on what you are looking for however it’s safe to say that while your starter kit costs will be higher than buying a single pack of cigarettes, it’ll work out much cheaper in the long run.

E Liquids

The beauty of vaping is the fact that there is so much variety! There are so many e liquids out there for you to choose from, with flavours ranging from sweet to tart, from tobacco flavours to minty fresh flavours and much more besides. E liquids come at a cost though, so while you’re not continually buying expensive cigarettes you do need to keep some e liquids on hand to load into your e cigarette.

Don’t be tempted to cut the cost by buying e liquids from anywhere other than a reputable retailer. Not only do you not know what is in an e liquid that fell of the back of a lorry, they won’t be great quality and therefore you’ll likely use twice as much and still not get the enjoyment you deserve.

E liquids are actually pretty inexpensive as it is, and this, coupled with bundle offers means that you may buy a number of e liquids for your box at a discounted rate. Depending on how much you vape, your e liquids will last you much longer than a packet of cigarettes would.

Upgrades and Other Costs

Strictly speaking, all you need to vape is a starter kit and some e liquid. Some starter kits include e liquids. You will eventually need to replace your starter kit or parts of your cigarette and you will eventually need to replace parts due to wear and tear, if you decide to upgrade to a more customisable e cigarette. The brilliant thing is, the choice is yours. You can get some pretty decent vaping out of a starter kit, and even if you replace the whole thing down the line, it STILL works out cheaper than smoking does.

You might opt for an advanced vape which might move you away somewhat from plug and play devices and with this you have added costs for things like replacement costs etc. Again, you are completely in control of what you want to spend in terms of vaping and how advanced you want this hobby to get. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds, you don’t need to have 438 e liquids stored in a vaping cupboard and you don’t need to replace anything too regularly, unlike with smoking where your money quite literally goes up in smoke.

If you decide vaping is for you, you may also tap into the well that is family and friends who when they ask “What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?” might be persuaded to buy you vaping related kit or accessories.

Budget Friendly Enjoyment

Hopefully it’s becoming clear that vaping is not the big fancy expensive hobby that some might assume it is, and that ultimately you have control over how you vape and how much you invest in it. Either way, we’re sure that you’ve quickly realised that vaping is significantly cheaper and more budget-friendly than smoking, which ticks a lot of boxes, for a lot of people.

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