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​Vaping and Health Concerns

27th Jul 2018

Whatever your reasons for switching from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes are, there are undeniable health benefits to vaping and many reasons not to smoke. There has been much controversy over the years about whether vaping is bad for your health however scores of studies undertaken by reputable researchers say otherwise, including Public Health England who have reported vaping to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking. Something of an authority on the issue, Public Health England (PHE) are responsible for the Go Smoke Free ban and public health campaigns such as Stoptober. Now that particular question/concern has been dealt with we can look at other health and vaping related queries.

Smoking Side Effects

The effects of smoking on your health are significant. The World Health Organisation has classified, after lengthy investigations, a number of the chemicals found with cigarettes as being toxic and smoking as a potentially cancer-causing. The NHS spend a vast amount each year on smoking-related admissions, prescriptions, and treatments for numerous diseases, illnesses and side effects all caused or contributed to by smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping Side Effects

An Irritating Cough

There are no toxic chemicals or nasties found within e liquids (the liquid that is heated to produce a flavoured vapour which may be inhaled). The base of the e liquid is usually made up of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol (or a mixture of the two). Very rarely vapers may find themselves sensitive to PG and this may cause irritation and some coughing, both or which should abate fairly quickly when you stop using e liquids that are high PG or contain PG at all. High VG e liquids may be a better alternative.

Dry Hits and a Burning Sensation

As before, you fill up a tank with e liquid, it is heated and you inhale the vapour. If you don’t keep an eye on how much e liquid you have left in the tank you may experience a dry hit. A dry hit is where there’s nothing left to heat up so you get the benefit of a dry hot intake. Again, this isn’t dangerous but it can be unpleasant.

*Top Tip: Don’t let your wick burn dry as you may end up inhaling a mouthful of burnt cotton scent, which is as unpleasant tasting as you imagine it is.

Nausea and Vomiting

This is also as unpleasant as it sounds but keep reading as it is easily avoided. When you switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping you are used to a certain amount/strength of nicotine. With vaping you have the option to choose. Many people choose to taper down their nicotine strength usage, some even opting for zero nicotine e liquids. Some however look to increase their nicotine strength in order to produce their perfect vape. This is fine but you need to raise your nicotine strength levels in increments.

If you remember that first tobacco cigarette and how it could make you feel a bit queasy, imagine what jumping up a whole nicotine strength level overnight would be like? Too much nicotine at once can make you feel lightheaded, nauseous and even in some cases make you vomit. A common sense approach to choosing your nicotine strength is all that’s needed to avoid this.


The media is very happy to jump on any story they feel puts vaping in a bad light. Why? They do this because it sells newspapers. Very few “explosions” have taken place in truth, certainly no more than mobile phones which use the same lithium battery for power. What we would say is that to lower the risk even further that you need to buy from a reputable retailer and to ensure that you follow manufacturer instructions. Harm reported by the news is often caused by someone trying to modify their e cigarette without know what they are doing or understand how power output works, or carrying loose spare batteries with other metal objects in pockets and bags. Again, common sense. From a safety point of view the London Fire Brigade have publicly advocated for e cigarettes over cigarettes as they have seen the vast amount of damage, injury and death has been caused by smoking/cigarettes.

Other Points to Consider

By avoiding poor quality equipment, making sure your e cigarette (including the mouthpiece!) is cleaned properly and regularly and by avoiding harsh flavours such as sharp citrus if you find these too abrasive you are likely to enjoy a full and flavoursome vape that is just perfect for you.

In Summary

Clearly the hype about vaping concerns are over-exaggerated at best or out and out lies at worst. Even these points, if you read past the subtitles shows you that minor side effects may be easily avoided if you read instructions and employ common sense as standard.

The difference between smoking and vaping is very clear. Please think carefully about whether smoking is worth the risk when you could enjoy vaping, which is more affordable long term, and significantly better for your health.

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