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Vape Batteries: Top Tips

24th Apr 2019

Just in case you’ve got this far without knowing how e cigarettes work, here’s a quick rundown. Unlike tobacco cigarettes which are combustibles (i.e. need to be lit or burnt to produce a smoke to inhale) e cigarettes use vape batteries. These vape batteries work to power the e cigarette device which heats a flavoured e liquid which is turned into a pleasantly flavoured vapour. It is this vapour that is inhaled and exhaled by a vaper. Given the fact that e cigarette batteries clearly work hard, we look at top tips for getting the most out of your e cigarette batteries. 

Battery Know-How 


First of all, it is important that you understand what vape batteries are. They are powerful lithium batteries, much the same as the batteries that power modern mobile phone handsets. While integrated (built-in) batteries were more commonly seen in the early days of vaping, they days removable and rechargeable batteries are used much more often. The reason for this, asides from reducing waste, is that modern e cigarettes require more power than ever if they are going to offer you the vaping experience you want via the many e cig features now available. While batteries are rechargeable, it still pays to know how to make the most of the charge you have and to prolong each charge as each battery, while being reusable, does eventually reach a point where it is simply worn out and needs to be replaced. 

Charging Your Vaping Batteries

First and foremost it is important that you know exactly what time of battery you have in hand so that you can charge it effectively and safely on a charger that is suitable. A Nitecore Intellicharger is very useful for charging up numerous types of battery however if not using this kind of kit make sure that you use the correct charger for your battery and the wrong power level in the charger could damage the battery and be dangerous. Next up, decide how and when you will charge your battery. Some e cigarettes allow vapers to charge their batteries while still within the ecig. Others need to be taken out and charged on an external charger. While either will do the job in theory here at Go Smoke Free we would suggest using a removable vaping battery and using this on an external charger as this works faster and is generally considered the most efficient option. If charging on the go, i.e. using a portable in-car charger make sure that you follow the manufacturer’ instructions and of course, don’t leave your vaping batteries in direct sunlight or extreme heat. 

Choosing E Liquids 

Believe it or not, the type of e liquid you choose to vape can have an effect on how long your battery is likely to last before it needs to be recharged or replaced. High VG e liquids, those which are best known for big vape clouds and smooth flavours are naturally thicker (as vegetable glycerin is thicker). It stands to reason therefore that thicker e liquids require more heating up and therefore use more battery power. This is something to bear in mind when monitoring your battery usage. Yes, you might use slightly less battery power when you use an e liquid with more PG in the eliquid, i.e a 50/50 PG/VG mix. If you prefer a high VG e liquid there is no need to avoid this type of vape in case of extra battery power usage; you just need to monitor your usage a little more closely and ensure that you have a new/fresh battery charged and ready to go. Don’t forget that how you vape makes a difference too. For example, if you are a heavy vaper and are constantly taking draws on your device this too will use up the battery charge faster than someone who takes the occasional draw. 

Vape Batteries and E Cigarette Devices 

In the same way that different e liquids may have an effect on how quickly your battery charge is used, so will different e cigarette devices. For example, a fairly simple vaping set up is going to last longer between charges than a sub ohm vaping set up for example. This is because when you use low resistance coils and vape at high temperatures, you need more power, therefore, will use up more battery charge as you vape. When considering what e cigarette to buy, think about how you are likely to use it and whether you need to ensure you have spare batteries to make sure that you don’t run out of charge mid-draw! 

Looking After Your Batteries 

When it comes to maintaining your vaping batteries how you store and transport them goes a long way. From a safety point of view it is worth investing in an affordable battery case that is plastic and/or some silicone wrap to ensure that batteries do not “clink” together or get damaged. It is a damaged battery or loose spare batteries in pockets alongside loose change that cause the fires or mini pocket explosions that the media are all too happy to report. that are Proper protection and storage will help keep your batteries safe and in a usable condition for longer. Make sure that the batteries you choose are suitable for the device you are using. Store batteries properly and keep them away from sources of heat and of course direct sunlight. Use the vaping battery charger that is meant for the vaping batteries or a suitable alternative such as the Nitecore charger mentioned previously. 

Vaping Batteries: In Summary 

Above all ensure that you are using your vaping batteries in a safe way. After that, abide by the information and tips above to ensure that your batteries work effectively, that the charge life is maintained and that the overall life of your battery is extended. One last point to consider is to choose your e cigarette batteries wisely. We have a number of affordable batteries. They may be “cheap” in terms of price but certainly are not in terms of quality. Lithium batteries are powerful batteries and therefore you should always choose them from a reputable retailer. A high-quality battery if looked after will maintain charge for long and last for a longer period of time before it needs to be replaced.

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