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UK Cities are Contributing to a Vaping Boom

3rd Jul 2017

It’s no surprise that vaping is a big thing. With countless professionals damning tobacco cigarette smoking for its health risks, vaping offers a cleaner, healthier alternative. The surge in sales and the number of vape stores popping up has gone a long way toward helping the boom along in the UK.

Out with the Old

Tobacco cigarettes have had their day. The industry is far from disappearing (yet) however people are now more aware than ever of the risks associated with smoking. Cigarette prices have gone up, legislation has been put in place to stop smoking in public and a strict set of rules around marketing is in place.

These restrictions and changes aren’t exactly “brand-new” news stories however the introduction of vaping as a viable, healthier and more enjoyable alternative is going a long way towards reducing the number of adults smoking in the UK.

Current statistics from the Office of National Statistics show that between 2010 and 2015 the numbers of adult smokers dropped significantly. 20.1% of men and women here in the UK were smoking in 2010 whereas fewer than 17.2% were in 2015. This may not seem like a huge drop however given the size of the UK population and the fact that smoking is an established habit it is impressive indeed.

Tobacco cigarettes aren’t as available as they once were. The number of cigarettes released onto the market is significantly lower than it once was. Between the 90’s and 2015 62% fewer cigarettes were sold.

Cigarettes have also increased in price, and not by a little! They were 89% more expensive in 2015 than they were a decade ago. That’s one heck of a price increase.

So Why Vaping? Why not? 

One of the biggest problems many see with tobacco smoking are the health implications, and they would be wise to worry. WHO (the World Health Organisation) have classified a number of the chemicals contained with tobacco cigarettes as being carcinogenic which means that they have the potential to cause cancer.

While compared to the tobacco industry the vaping market is relatively new, there has been much research about the ingredients in e liquids, and vaping on the whole. None are carcinogenic and overall vaping is considered to be a healthier alternative by many, including Public Health England who were directly responsible for rolling out the Go Smoke Free legislation.

Vaping is also more affordable than smoking over time, is clearly the more healthy option and thanks to variable nicotine strengths vapers may alter how much nicotine they vape, down to 0% e liquids. Vaping also offers additional variety in terms of flavours, from tobacco flavours, to fruits, drinks, sweet, minty etc. There’s a wealth to choose from.

It is clear to see why people are ditching the tobacco and moving over to vaping, helped no doubt by the overall attitude towards tobacco smoking (which is not in any way positive).

How Are Cities Helping Boost Vaping Popularity?

Vaping is pretty much everywhere in the UK however some cities have embraced it so vigorously that they have helped to contribute to the overall boom in the UK-based vaping industry.

For example, did you know that Edinburgh alone has 17 vaping stores within the city. SEVENTEEN! People recognised a need and acted accordingly. The visibility of vaping shops also serves as an advertisement as such, as it normalises vaping (not that it’s ever been abnormal of course, just that it’s new-ish).

Cities such as Edinburgh, Birmingham, Belfast, Norwich and more all have multiple vaping establishments, with many more cities and towns having at least one, or one merged with a vaping café. Good on them we say, the more the merrier, particularly if increase visibility encourages tobacco smokers to look at alternatives that could ultimately do great things for their health.

Online vendors have also contributed a lot to the vaping community, and continue to do so. We do our research, work hard to source new e liquids, latest devices, accessories and to offer advice. We are also on hand when physical stores are closed or for when you live somewhere without a vape shop or fancy a gander at a larger range.

In Conclusion

It’s become abundantly clear that cigarette smoking is on its way out (albeit slowly) and that vaping is the new, improved alternative, offering enjoyment in a clean and healthier way. Credit where credit is due, a number of factors have contributed to the decline in smoking numbers in the UK, vaping especially.

It’s heartening to see vape shops pop up in our cities and towns, and the continued success of being an online retailer is another plus point for the vaping industry and the vaping community. The more visible vaping is and the less “new and unheard of” it is, the more people will make the change, moving over from tobacco to vaping, which could ultimately save lives.

We aren’t going to argue with that! We hope to see more vape shops and vaping cafes opening up in the near future.

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