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​Top Tips for Avoiding Coil Burn

13th Jan 2018

There are many fabulous things about vaping however like all good things there is the occasional downside. The downside in this case is that if you don’t look after your coils properly you might well find that you enjoy the dubious pleasure of a dry or burnt hit when taking a draw on your e cigarette. The reason this is a dubious pleasure is because the taste of burnt cotton and sugar is one you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry! Thankfully this is something that can be avoided, by following these tips for proper e cig and coil usage.

You Coil Needs to Be Primed

The way the coil works is to soak up the e liquid inside in the tank, which is then heated and turns to the flavoured vapour that you draw in via the mouthpiece. In order for this process to work properly the coil needs to be primed, that is, it needs to be properly coated and soaked, especially before first use. If you’re using a new tank with coils already in place or have inserted/replaced coils yourself make sure that you saturate the wick and coils before use (so no dry coils to burn!).

Don’t Go Too High

If you vape using a high wattage constantly you will find that you lessen the life-span of your coil significantly and run the risk of burn-out. The same is still applicable when using a sub-ohm tank however these set-ups do tend to last longer. If you are a heavy vaper, taking long and frequent draws on your e cigarette at high wattage you will burn off the e liquid coating the coils very quickly. If the coils aren’t continually soaked in e liquid they are more likely to burn dry if you are not vigilant.

Similarly, vaping continually at a high wattage will mean that a metal coil can’t cool properly between draws. This is significant because without cooling it won’t properly become lubricated with e juice again, and we’re back to square one and facing a dry burn.

Don’t Vape Empty

Keep an eye on how much e liquid is in your tank at all times. Some e juice naturally vaporise quicker than others, and if you aren’t keeping an eye on how frequently you are taking a draw, you could easily find yourself vaping on an empty tank. If you do that you’ll end up taking a draw that’s full of the unmistakable stench of burnt coil.

Many tanks come with indicator levels which make monitoring e liquid levels easy however if your particular tank doesn’t just keep an eye on usage and how much is left.

Less VG is Better

If you find that you are getting through coils much faster than you would expect to it might be that an e liquid with less VG in it could be the answer to your problem. While high VG e juices aren’t known specifically for burning out coils or anything like, they are thicker and you may end up with a “gunky” residue if you are not taking the time to maintain your e cigarette properly and clean out your tank. So, if you are not one for regular maintenance and aren’t too fussed about the (many) benefits of a high VG e liquid, switching to an e liquid with more PG could be an additional safeguard against coils burning.

Store Tanks Upright

Where possible store your tanks upright as when allowed to lay flat/on their side, particularly if the tank is only half full you will find that the exposed coil, i.e. the coil above the e liquid line dries out very quickly. This settling is natural, however, if you pick up a tank that has been left horizontal, and go to vape straightaway that wick will no longer be primed/saturated and will likely burn out much quicker. If not stored upright at least let the coil re-saturate before using it again after a break.

In Summary

Vaping is a great alternative to smoking and an enjoyable hobby in its own right. If you learn how your e cigarette works and put the effort in, in terms of maintenance and just keeping an eye on the amount of e liquid you use/have left in the tank the chances are that you will be able to avoid dry hits (nasty burning taste) and prolong the lifespan of your coils, which will also save you money in the long-run.

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