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The Unwritten Rules Of Responsible Vaping

24th Jul 2016

Welcome To The Vaping Community

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and invested in some dazzling new vaping equipment. Before you step out onto the streets to blow a few clouds, there are a few basic, unwritten rules that you need to be aware of.

Your approach to vaping is going to shape the opinions of the non-vaping public. Due to bad press and disinformation, vaping is already seen as an antisocial activity by some. With vaping coming under increasing scrutiny from the law-makers and regulators we all need to take steps to improve the public image of vaping.

What is responsible vaping?

With sub-Ohm starter kits and VG e liquids on offer at amazingly low prices, anyone can now fog-up a pub doorway or street corner with a mega-cloud of sweet-scented vapour. Many non-vapers aren’t aware that e liquid vapour doesn’t contain the harmful carcinogens of cigarette smoke. The average person in the street just sees a vape cloud as an unpleasant invasion of their air space.

We’ve already seen the restrictions applied to cigarette smoking in public, and now there’s a real risk of a harsh clamp-down on vaping. With some basic good manners and a little consideration we can all do our bit to improve the public image of vaping. This whole approach can be summed-up as ‘responsible vaping’.

Good and bad places to vape

Here in the UK, vaping is already banned in most sports venues, shops, trains and hospitals. Some cafés, including Starbucks, Café Nero and KFC have also banned vaping, and many more eateries are likely to follow their lead.

When you vape at home you lay down the ground rules. That makes home the ideal place for a relaxed, hassle-free vape. E Juice vapour doesn’t stain the décor, and the odour generally clears quickly with a little fresh air. If you have non-vaping visitors, check that they’re OK about vaping. If you have any doubts, just show a little consideration and vape when they’ve left.

Vaping outdoors is great – particularly if you are out in the countryside on a sunny afternoon. Vaping in the city needs a little more care. Taxi queues, bus stops and shop doorways are all hot-spots where you’re likely to upset someone. In all of these situations it’s best to avoid inflicting your exhaled vapour on the public. For similar reasons, vaping on any kind of public transport is best avoided – even if there are no specific ‘No vaping’ signs or other regulations.

Vaping in the car is popular with a lot of vapers. Unlike cigarette smoking, in-car vaping is still fully legal in the UK. It may be legal but is it sensible? You certainly wouldn’t want to be adjusting your mod while driving. Sub-Ohm clouds would also be a visibility hazard on the move. Lastly, is it fair to share your vapour (and nicotine residue) with non-vaping passengers?

Discreet (stealth) vaping

Stealth vaping is a term that you hear much more often these days. For some people it means secretively hiding your mod and holding back on your vapour. For others, stealth vaping isn’t about deception – it’s simply being discreet. While cigarette breaks were acceptable at work a few decades ago, vape breaks aren’t popular with most modern UK bosses. If you can’t get through the working day without a nicotine fix, you may need to lower the wattage on your mod and close-down the airflow when you take a discreet vape break away from the office. Don’t blame us if you miss-out on promotion or lose your job!

Sociable vaping

Even if you are vaping at home, you need to take special care around kids and pets. If you’re a parent, you set an example for your kids to follow. Is vaping in front of the kids a good idea? We’ll leave that decision with you. Always remember that e-liquid has a sweet odour which is likely to be attractive to kids and pets. The nicotine in e-liquid can be fatal if drunk by a child or pet. Even the Propyl Glycerin (PG) in eliquid vapour can harm dogs and cats. Consider all of these risks, and make sure that you don’t leave any of your vaping gear where kids and pets can find it.

If you’re vaping with cigarette smokers, you may find that some of them show an interest in vaping and vape equipment. While you could be doing them a big favour by encouraging them to switch, try not to preach. Each of us has a right to follow our own path.

Before you vape with non-vapers, show a little consideration by asking them if they mind. It’s always a great opportunity to explain the difference between vaping and smoking tobacco.

A sociable get-together with other vapers can be a lot of fun. This gives everyone a chance to exchange info on cool e-juice flavours and the latest vaping kit. Show a little respect for the other vaping styles and equipment. Sub-ohming isn’t for everyone, and even the most basic equipment entitles any vaper entry into our diverse vaping community.

Being a responsible vaper

The unwritten rules of responsible vaping are actually pretty simple – just use basic common sense and good manners.

Even though there are no known risks from breathing second hand vapour, a lot of people still find it very unpleasant. Always ask before vaping around strangers. If you get the opportunity, try to explain the benefits of vaping without preaching.

As well as improving the public image of vaping, being friendly, open and considerate could also help to avoid unnecessary anti-vaping legislation.

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