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12th Aug 2019

If you are new to vaping don’t worry, A burnt taste is not normal and thankfully can be fairly easily avoided. There are a number of burnt taste causes when vaping. Here are the main ones and instructions on how to avoid burning. First up, we have to impress upon you how nasty the burnt taste when vaping really is. Imagine burnt toast plus that awful smell/taste you get when you burn a pan handle and amplify these. This is not something you want… Read more
When you decide to move over to vaping (a wise choice, even if we do say so ourselves), you have to take a minute to get used to the lingo. True, you could just pick up a starter kit which is mostly plug and play however a basic understanding of the parts of an e cigarette is important, which is why we’ve put together this basic guide to clearomizer and *tank basics. *Clearomizers and tanks are essentially the same thing. Clearomizer is us… Read more
A burning coil is one of the downsides of vaping however if you know what you’re talking about you can quickly and easily avoid this unsavoury tasting issue and go on to enjoy a full, flavoursome, non-burny vape each and every time. Before going into how you can stop your coil head from burning, a brief introduction into coils/coil heads might be in order.What are Coil Heads?Coil heads are needed to help produce the flavoured vapour that you… Read more

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