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There is a lot of varying opinions regarding vaping and driving and there are many people happy to share them. Unfortunately with so much misleading information around this topic is can sometimes be difficult to work out what is right and what is wrong. We look at the various aspects of vaping in a car and the legal and common sense aspects of it.Is it Illegal to Vape in a Vehicle?Strictly speak, no, it isn’t illegal to vape in a car. E cigarette… Read more
Trying to give up smoking is a mammoth task. Whether for health, financial or social reasons, many people have the incentive but lack the willpower to kick the habit. In the UK, the smoking ban has turned smokers into social pariahs. Even more so with the confirmation that passive smoking inflicts harm on non-smokers, especially babies and children.But giving up smoking can be a lonely and stressful process. Yet up to 10 million Br… Read more

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