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There are so many guides for new vapers, those considering vaping and those weighing up the differences between smoking and vaping. There are fewer guides for pro vapers or those looking to become a pro vaper. This is where this article comes in. We wanted to share both the common and uncommon tips we hear, those we’ve experienced ourselves and those that we offer to customers calling in and asking about the best way to do something.Whether you a… Read more
Some people value big vape clouds and spend their time trying to enhance their big vape cloud production. That’s awesome, and absolutely fine however some vapers feel they don’t need big vape clouds and therefore instead prioritise flavour enhancement and flavour enjoyment. After all, one of the big advantages vaping has over smoking (other than the whole being 95% healthier thing) is variety. Who wouldn’t want to maximise their flavour-related f… Read more

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