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Vaping has become incredibly popular over the past decade and as more and more research has been done. We are finding that an increased number of official voices are now happy to advocate for e cigarette use. Public Health England, for example, last year (May 2018) announced findings that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarette smoking. On the flip side of this we also see a lot of negative press around vaping (who doesn’t love… Read more

15th Mar 2018

When vaping there are a few keywords that you hear and quickly become accustomed to, like e juice, sub ohm vaping and so on. A new term to acquaint yourself with is nicotine salt as its use has become increasingly popular and more so every day and they What is Nicotine Salt?When it comes to explaining what nicotine salt is exactly you need to get fairly technical, or rather scientific. In very basic terms you find nicotine in tobacco leaves… Read more
Studies have found that there may be a case for increasing the amount of e cigarette advertising on television, as opposed to halting it as some have called for. The report shows that boosting e cigarette advertising could have a knock-on effect on decreasing the number of people smoking traditional cigarettes.Tobacco cigarette advertising has been banned since the 1970's on both radio and television in America. E cigarettes however have been all… Read more
News this week that academics feel that tobacco companies are using certain tactics to keep smokers smoking is hardly a surprise. Big tobacco firms are clearly feeling the squeeze! Smoking rates have dropped significantly in recent years, due to both a number of very successful campaigns, as well as the popularity of vaping as an alternative to tobacco smoking.Many believe that tobacco companies are using a number of “crafty” practices… Read more

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