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If you are someone who enjoys the great outdoors, be that a daily stroll or something more arduous such as hiking, you need to think carefully about what e cigarette you take with you. There are numerous e cigarette devices on the market these days, all great in their own way and all offering something different. The beauty of vaping is that you may now choose what works best for you and customise the vaping experience to your individual needs. W… Read more
Vaping is no different to any other new thing; it can take time to get used to it, to learn the lingo and with vaping especially, understand how best to use and maintain your device. Thankfully vaping is much more simple than many would have you believe. That said, there are ways to enhance your vaping experience and there are ways to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. This collection of clearomizer-related issues are easy fixed/sorted if you kn… Read more
Here at Go Smoke Free we enjoy the fact that the vaping industry is so fast moving. What this means for us is that new developments in technology and research result in new vaping kit regularly. We like to stay ahead of the game and pass these new products onto you and so our new arrivals section is always well stocked with upgrades and new kit that we want to share with you.Here are a few of our favourite new arrivals to the site:Hard Candy… Read more

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