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31st Jan 2018

Vaping is a fabulous hobby, not least because it enables you to customise it to suit your own needs. You may choose new e liquids for example, difference nicotine strengths and have a wide range of different e cigarettes to choose from. Many vapers that have made the decision to move on to more advanced vaping go for the Box Mod and it’s easy to see why. Don’t be concerned with the jargon that comes with vaping if you’re new to it, it’ll all beco… Read more
Some people value big vape clouds and spend their time trying to enhance their big vape cloud production. That’s awesome, and absolutely fine however some vapers feel they don’t need big vape clouds and therefore instead prioritise flavour enhancement and flavour enjoyment. After all, one of the big advantages vaping has over smoking (other than the whole being 95% healthier thing) is variety. Who wouldn’t want to maximise their flavour-related f… Read more
If you’re new to vaping and don’t quite “get” how to achieve the big vape clouds people speak of, or you’ve been vaping a while and want to make your vape clouds bigger and better these tips might be just what you’re looking for.Look at Your DeviceMost vapers start off with a basic starter kit which contains a basic e cigarette, a charger and maybe a couple of e liquids. This is fine, great even. You could enjoy vaping forever with just these kit… Read more

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