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We know that vaping has been responsible for helping many individuals quit smoking but how has it and how many? We look at the bigger picture in order to help you make the right decision about whether it is worth switching over from smoking to vaping in terms of health, enjoyment and affordability.The easiest way to quantify the impact that vaping has had on the decline in number is to use government figures. In six years over 1.6m smokers have t… Read more

23rd Oct 2017

At face value, vaping might seem more expensive than tobacco smoking when you consider the price of a packet of cigarettes and a starter kit. When you break things down however it’s easy to see that not only is vaping the healthier alternative, it can be cheaper long term and much easier to afford on a budget.HealthFirst and foremost the most important thing to consider when weighing up whether or not you should switch from tobacco smoking to vap… Read more
There is nothing more disheartening than managing to give up smoking, only to find yourself back on the cigarettes, six months down the line. For this reason, many smokers are reluctant to even try giving up smoking. It is true that many smokers have tried to quit unsuccessfully, or worse, given up then gone back to smoking again.If you have had a smoking relapse, the first golden rule is: Don’t Despair! You’ve successfully ma… Read more

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