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30th Dec 2018

If you haven’t guessed by our name (Go Smoke Free) we are keen advocates for anything that will help people quit smoking and enjoying a healthier and no doubt wealthier life. Many people are now finding the best way to give up smoking is to switch to vaping which we look at in more detail below. If you really want to give up smoking in 2019, we wish you the very best of luck and hope this info will help you make that positive change for good.&nbs… Read more
We’ve posted before about the media bias towards vaping, the sensationalist new stories about explosions and unsubstantiated health risks. This fake news epidemic has been frustrating for many as apart from anything else, these myths and mistruths turn everyday people away from vaping when actually, considering it as a valid alternative to smoking could be the very best thing for them. Despite all of this, we have found that over the past few mon… Read more
Smoking is bad for our health. This is something that has been proven beyond doubt and thanks to numerous legislations changes and successful public health campaigns is something that everyone recognises. Awareness and action don’t always go hand in hand however as quitting smoking is hard. Vaping is a popular and valid alternative to smoking and this blog post will help you make the most of your new hobby so that you may say goodbye to harmful t… Read more

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