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There are many benefits to vaping, from the fact that it is cheaper than smoking to the obvious benefits for health. Over time vaping has become more widely accepted and adopted widely by many healthcare providers for various reasons. There has been a number of reports in the past about concerns regarding smoking bans and the detrimental effect this might have on patients with mental health issues. It comes as no surprise to us therefore that e… Read more
Vaping is becoming widely recognised as being a valid cessation device; a tool to help smokers quit their harmful tobacco habit. Thanks to the British Psychological Society (BPS) another loud and well-respected voice has been added to the crowd calling for e cigarettes to be even more widely recognised as a stop smoking aid.The BPS have not only given their stamp of approval as such for electronic cigarettes being used to help people quit smoking… Read more
Trying to give up smoking is a mammoth task. Whether for health, financial or social reasons, many people have the incentive but lack the willpower to kick the habit. In the UK, the smoking ban has turned smokers into social pariahs. Even more so with the confirmation that passive smoking inflicts harm on non-smokers, especially babies and children.But giving up smoking can be a lonely and stressful process. Yet up to 10 million Br… Read more

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