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News this week that academics feel that tobacco companies are using certain tactics to keep smokers smoking is hardly a surprise. Big tobacco firms are clearly feeling the squeeze! Smoking rates have dropped significantly in recent years, due to both a number of very successful campaigns, as well as the popularity of vaping as an alternative to tobacco smoking.Many believe that tobacco companies are using a number of “crafty” practices… Read more
One of the most frustrating things to hear, as part of the vaping community, is that tobacco cigarettes and e cigarettes are the same thing. They are not the same thing. AT ALL. Someone forgot to tell New York this however, as they are shoving smoking and vaping together, and classifying e cigs the same as cigarettes which means that new laws state that vaping indoors is to be banned.It’s not even the fact that people want to ban vaping indoors t… Read more
The vaping community (who tend to be fairly clued up on recent research) listened to Sen. Chuck Schumer recently once again blaming vaping companies for teen use. Furthermore, he wants legislation put in place regulating them pronto. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did have legislation in place which would regulate vaping however they have not yet released his, choosing instead to hold off for a while. When or if activated this rul… Read more
Local blanket nicotine bans in Australia have the potential to be ultimately life-threatening according to Aussie doctors, pushing back against a government decision to uphold a ban on nicotine-containing vaping products which otherwise could help smokers quit their tobacco smoking habit.Here in the UK the use of vaping in order to help smokers quit smoking, thereby strengthening their health and potentially prolonging their life is something tha… Read more

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