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A plan to tax e cigarettes has backfired, reports indicate. The Head of Lifestyle at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Chris Snowdon, has confirmed that the unpopular (amongst many) plan to add a tax to e cigarette sales appears to have been withdrawn by government ministers.One of the alleged reasons for this tax was add extra funds into the NHS, helping with the well-publicised funding shortfalls. This popular reasoning could have been de… Read more
The vaping industry is one which has exploded in terms of popularity and user numbers since  e cigarettes in their modern format became available to buy. As time has gone on we have seen a swift increase in vaping numbers so today we look a little closer at the numbers behind vaping and what they are telling us about vaping popularity and more.Back in the olden days tobacco was king and the idea of a popular alternative was laughable. A… Read more
Despite vaping working wonders for helping individuals to stop smoking, NHS support should not be being dialed back, and yet it is. We look at what is really happening to local cessation clinics and overall stop smoking support.   A report has shown that the number of prescriptions written for medications that are prescribed to help individuals give up their harmful smoking habit has dropped significantly over the past ten years by up t… Read more
We know that vaping has been responsible for helping many individuals quit smoking but how has it and how many? We look at the bigger picture in order to help you make the right decision about whether it is worth switching over from smoking to vaping in terms of health, enjoyment and affordability.The easiest way to quantify the impact that vaping has had on the decline in number is to use government figures. In six years over 1.6m smokers have t… Read more

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