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How Easy Are E Cigarettes And E Cig Kits To Use?

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You’ve tried other methods to try and quit smoking, but none of them work, so now you’re considering vaping e cigarettes. But the whole process seems so complicated. It doesn’t have to be a drama. E cigarettes are one of the most easy and effective ways of giving up smoking. But if the thought of clearomizers, cartridges, wicks, batteries and liquids is enough to put you off giving e cigarettes a try, fear not. Once you get past all the technical jargon, e cigarettes are incredibly easy to use. Here’s a step by step guide to how they work.

Step 1

Start out by buying a simple starter kit. You can easily purchase these online. Your starter kit will come with a battery, usb charger and a cartridge. Then choose your e liquid vapour flavour; there are literally hundreds to choose from. If you’re feeling overwhelmed then just stick with a tobacco taste at first. You can then choose your nicotine level. You may want to opt for a higher level to get a more intense ‘kick’ but remember that certain e liquid flavours are already pretty strong and they might just help you achieve your ‘throat hit’ without having to necessarily increase your nicotine levels.

Step 2

Fully charge your battery then once your device is ready to go, fill the cartridge/tank/clearomizer (it’s the same thing) with your chosen e liquid. Click the cartridge to the mouthpiece and… Voila! You’re ready to vape.

Step 3

There’s actually a bit of an art to vaping but it’s pretty easy to get the hang of. Some e cigarettes and e cig kits are activated when you inhale, others need to be activated manually. Inhale slowly and steadily. It’ll take longer to get a nicotine hit with an e cigarette than with a tobacco cigarette, so have a bit of patience. You’ll also notice that the vapour you inhale is warm. This enhances the flavour and is quite pleasant once you get used to it.

Step 4

Re-fillable tanks are clear, making it easy for you to judge when the liquid needs topping up. The cartridge generally needs to be changed about once a month. You can also tell when the it needs changing if the liquid starts to leak out, you hear gurgling noises when you inhale, or when less vapour is produced.

Make things even easier by choosing a one-stop-shop online supplier. Check out the GoSmokeFree website for our full range of vaping products. We also offer advice and information to help get you started.

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