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13th Jan 2019

It is now 2019 and the difference between smoking and vaping has never been clearer, to most people at least. Smoking bad, vaping at least 95% less harmful. More on that statistic later. What people don’t always understand is how smoking is governed and what the vaping rules are and what vaping etiquette should be considered. We’re here to clear that up.Why Are Smoking Rules and Vaping Rules Different            &nbs… Read more
We’ve previously reported on Public Health England’s intention to see vaping more widely available and even recognised as an official cessation aid by the government and the NHS so that doctors may prescribe e cigarettes to help people quit smoking. Clearly attitudes to vaping are changing rapidly, something medical groups and health charities are pleased to see. Today we write about more support for vaping accessibility.What is Vaping Acces… Read more
There are many reasons why switching from smoking to vaping is a good idea and we’ll touch on these shortly. This article is for those of you considering switching from smoking to vaping and for new switchers, to help you make the transition successfully, to make the most of your vaping experience and to make the move away from smoking permanently.Switching from smoking to vaping has got to be one of the healthiest choices you can make. Publ… Read more
A total ban on e cigarettes has been called for in Hong Kong due to concerns about rising numbers of primary-school children trying vaping.Four different health groups located in Hong Kong are asking for vaping to be banned entirely after finding, via local surveys, that there has been a fifty five percent rise in the number of children in primary school who say that they have tried vaping at least once.The report, a result of a survey of 2076 ch… Read more

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