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How Your Health Changes When You Stop Smoking

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Everyone knows the devastating effects that smoking has on the human body, yet many still continue to smoke, regardless of the warnings. Many long term smokers are reluctant to give up smoking because they believe that the damage is already done. However, you’d be surprised at how quickly and dramatically your health changes once you stop smoking. Here’s a guide to the effects that not smoking has on your body. Remember, it’s never too late to quit…


Within hours, your body will begin to recover. That means that if you ever have to take a long-haul flight, then you will already be healthier when you reach your destination than you were when you took off.

  • 20 minutes - your blood pressure will have returned to normal.
  • 8 hours - the greater part of nicotine will have left your body. Your blood oxygen levels will have returned to normal and your carbon monoxide levels will have dropped.
  • 48 hours - your sense of taste and smell will have improved.
  • 72 hours - side effects of nicotine withdrawal will have peaked. These include dizziness, headaches and anxiety; all signs that your body is detoxing. In the following days, as your lungs begin to relax and your bronchial tubes begin to clear, you may develop a cough.
  • 2 weeks - blood flow to your teeth and gums will have returned to normal.

  • Months

    Over the next year your body will recover dramatically. If you persevere, you will begin to notice the benefits in the following months.

  • 3 months - the risk of a heart attack will have dropped considerably. By now, your cough should have disappeared and you will be breathing better as your lungs begin to work as they should. 
  • 1 and 9 months - you can walk better without shortness of breath, sinus congestion or fatigue.

  • Years

    As the years pass by, you will be steadily reducing your health risks to those of a non-smoker. 

  • 1 year without smoking will reduce your risk of heart disease by half of that of a smoker.
  • 5 years - your risk of a stroke will be the same as a non smoker.
  • 10 years - your risk of developing lung cancer will be half of that of a smoker.
  • 15 years - your risk of heart disease will be the same as a smoker. 

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