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12th Aug 2019

If you are new to vaping don’t worry, A burnt taste is not normal and thankfully can be fairly easily avoided. There are a number of burnt taste causes when vaping. Here are the main ones and instructions on how to avoid burning. First up, we have to impress upon you how nasty the burnt taste when vaping really is. Imagine burnt toast plus that awful smell/taste you get when you burn a pan handle and amplify these. This is not something you want… Read more
There is a lot of jargon to get your head around once you move into more advanced vaping, if that’s for you. Sub-ohm vaping, for example, is a good example. We look at what sub-ohm vaping is, how it works, things to take note of and explore why is it so popular? Please remember that this is a basic guide. Ensure that when altering any device that you do your research and get some proper advice. The aim of sub-ohm vaping is to amplify both va… Read more
There are so many guides for new vapers, those considering vaping and those weighing up the differences between smoking and vaping. There are fewer guides for pro vapers or those looking to become a pro vaper. This is where this article comes in. We wanted to share both the common and uncommon tips we hear, those we’ve experienced ourselves and those that we offer to customers calling in and asking about the best way to do something.Whether you a… Read more
There are many fabulous things about vaping however like all good things there is the occasional downside. The downside in this case is that if you don’t look after your coils properly you might well find that you enjoy the dubious pleasure of a dry or burnt hit when taking a draw on your e cigarette. The reason this is a dubious pleasure is because the taste of burnt cotton and sugar is one you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry! Thankfully this… Read more

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