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When you decide to move over to vaping (a wise choice, even if we do say so ourselves), you have to take a minute to get used to the lingo. True, you could just pick up a starter kit which is mostly plug and play however a basic understanding of the parts of an e cigarette is important, which is why we’ve put together this basic guide to clearomizer and *tank basics. *Clearomizers and tanks are essentially the same thing. Clearomizer is us… Read more
As with most things there are elements to e smoking which as considered disposable elements or items that need maintenance and replacement as and when necessary. Coil heads fall into this category. We are regularly asked "How long will my coil heads last?" and the short answer is anywhere from three days to just over two weeks on average. While some coils may last slightly longer than others it is less the coil itself that dictates its life span… Read more

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