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12th Aug 2019

If you are new to vaping don’t worry, A burnt taste is not normal and thankfully can be fairly easily avoided. There are a number of burnt taste causes when vaping. Here are the main ones and instructions on how to avoid burning. First up, we have to impress upon you how nasty the burnt taste when vaping really is. Imagine burnt toast plus that awful smell/taste you get when you burn a pan handle and amplify these. This is not something you want… Read more
Vaping is no different to any other new thing; it can take time to get used to it, to learn the lingo and with vaping especially, understand how best to use and maintain your device. Thankfully vaping is much more simple than many would have you believe. That said, there are ways to enhance your vaping experience and there are ways to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. This collection of clearomizer-related issues are easy fixed/sorted if you kn… Read more

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