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If you have been watching the news or catching up with current issues online you’ll have heard much recently about vaping in the US. At the time of writing five people have died in the US with their deaths being linked to a respiratory illness outbreak. The blame for this outbreak has been placed at vaping’s door with poor quality/dangerous e liquids and poor e cigarette and e liquid control being cited in the press as the reason for these tragic… Read more

13th Dec 2018

Vaping has been around a fair time now which means that organisations such as Public Health England have been able to collate and analyse statistical data and scientific/medical reports in order to make a decision one way or another about the question “Is vaping safe?”. We look at myths about vaping safety, what the officials say and more so that you may make an informed decision yourself.The Vaping MythsIf you read newspapers or follow cert… Read more
Late yesterday (Aug 29th 2017), Euston Station in London was evacuated and closed down for a period to assess and deal with a bomb scare that turned out to be an e-cigarette explosion.In these fearful times, it would be easy to image that a bag in a train station that appeared to be smoking could be something more sinister than an e cigarette. Thankfully on this occasion it wasn’t.Passengers and staff report seeing a smoking bag yesterday evening… Read more
Two questions which come up frequently when new users start vaping on a new e cigarette device tend to be:Which battery will work best for modsWhich is the right battery to useAll e cigarettes are powered by powerful lithium batteries. Without these the e cigs simply will not work. Used properly and handled with care these batteries are safe to use however if not looked after and used as per instructions, especially in cases where they are used i… Read more

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