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Right now there are a great number of e cigarette / vaping starter kits available for those wanting to move over to vaping. When vaping was still very new the choice or starter kits was considerably more limited. Having all of these choices now means that you need to have a good think about what you are looking for in a vaping starter kit before taking the plunge.What Do You Get in a Basic Vaping Starter Kit?You usually get three things in your b… Read more
In this post we spell-out exactly why we believe that sub-Ohm vaping starter kits are the best option for new Stoptober vapers. Though many vaping newbies start-out with cheap ‘cig-a-like’ devices, their poor quality and performance often leave would-be ex-smokers disappointed and de-motivated. A low cost sub-Ohm starter kit can deliver a much more satisfying experience – helping new vapers to go smoke free in Stoptober!Surprising vaping statisti… Read more
If you are considering trying e cigarettes for the first time, you may be interested to know that there are hundreds of different flavoured e liquids and e juices available for all tastes. E liquid is the fluid that goes into the e cigarette tank. Using a powerful battery, the e liquid is ignited and warmed, giving off a harmless vapour containing the flavour of your choice. You can also choose what level of nicotine your requ… Read more

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