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Sub Ohm Vaping Starter Kits For Stoptober

17th Aug 2016

In this post we spell-out exactly why we believe that sub-Ohm vaping starter kits are the best option for new Stoptober vapers. Though many vaping newbies start-out with cheap ‘cig-a-like’ devices, their poor quality and performance often leave would-be ex-smokers disappointed and de-motivated. A low cost sub-Ohm starter kit can deliver a much more satisfying experience – helping new vapers to go smoke free in Stoptober!

Surprising vaping statistics from 2015

In 2015 it was estimated that 850,000 British ex-smokers were using vaping devices. One of the big surprises in the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures was that only 23% of GB vapers were using ‘cig-a-like’ style e-cigarettes. The figures seem to support assumptions that most smokers who switch to vaping tend to move on to more advanced devices.

If you are determined to quit smoking altogether after Stoptober, you’ll be pleased to hear that 720,000 British ex-smokers reported using a vaping device before quitting both smoking and vaping. Just like many health experts, the figures suggest that making a switch to vaping really can help you to quit smoking tobacco.

E cigs versus sub-Ohm starter kits

If you are new to vaping, you may be baffled by the technical language and all of the different devices that are on offer. It might be helpful to compare some of the most important features of each device for new vapers.

Basic e cig starter kit

• Price: £10 to £30 (typical)
• Size: Small (pen style)
• Draw: Tight (cigarette style)
• Control: None or limited
• Flavour: Limited or OK

Basic sub-Ohm starter kit

• Price: £40 to £60 (typical)
• Size: Medium (box style)
• Draw: Controllable – tight to open
• Control: Variable power & airflow
• Flavour: Good to excellent

The big attraction for smokers trying out a basic e cig starter kit is the low price. Next on the list of priorities is the cigarette style draw and the familiarity of a device that feels something like a cigarette.

For smokers, these do seem like ‘must have’ features when they make the switch to vaping. With 77% of vapers eventually swapping a ‘cig-a-like’ starter kit for more advanced vaping equipment wouldn’t a basic sub-Ohm starter kit be the better option from day one?

The advantages of a sub-Ohm vaping starter kit

At around £10, a basic pen-style e cigarette is certainly cheaper than an entry level sub-Ohm vaping kit. But the low-price does result in a big compromise on essential features. The main disadvantage of a low budget e cigarette is often battery life.

E cigarettes in the £10 price range usually have a rechargeable battery with pretty low storage capacity. If you need a vaping device that will see you through the working day, it can be pretty frustrating if your battery power fades after a lunch-break vape.

Most affordable sub-Ohm vaping kits run on a special ‘18650’ high power battery. As long as you vape at a sensible power setting, the 18650 battery will easily coast through a full day’s vaping.

While we’re talking about power settings, let’s take a moment to highlight the fact that most basic sub-Ohm starter kits come with a variable power setting feature. Combined with the variable airflow adjuster built into almost all sub-Ohm atomizer tanks, this gives you full control of your vaping experience.

Controllable power and airflow features allow you to adjust:

• The tightness of the draw
• Vapour volume
• Vapour warmth
• Flavour intensity
• Throat hit

Sub-Ohm atomizer tanks are also generally larger than the tiny clearomisers that hold the e liquid in an e cigarette. This is another factor that makes sub-Ohm vaping devices more convenient than an e cig starter kit.

What you get in a sub-Ohm starter kit

In most low price sub-Ohm starter kits you’ll get all of the essential items that you need to start vaping, apart from the e juice. You may also need to buy an 18650 battery to power your new device.

Typical sub-Ohm starter kits include:

• Drip-tip (the mouthpiece for inhaling the vapour)
• Atomizer tank (a tank which holds the e juice and coil head)
• Coil heads (replaceable heating coils which vaporise the e juice)
• Regulated mod (the power, control and safety unit)
• USB charging cable (usually, but not always supplied)
• User manual (a simple guide to operation, coil changes and safety)

All of the vaping jargon and technical equipment may seem confusing at first. During the 28 days of Stoptober you can easily learn how to handle your vaping starter kit like an expert!

E juice – the basics

Whichever type of vaping kit you go for, your first e juice can make or break your long-term relationship with vaping. E juices vary enormously in price and quality. With thousands of flavours lined up on vape store shelves it can be really difficult to find a great juice.

E juice is made from Vegetable glycerine, Propyl Glycol, a blend of flavours and a little nicotine. Most e juice on sale in the UK can be bought with a nicotine strength ranging from 20mg/ml down to 0mg/ml. The best strength for smokers switching to sub-Ohm vaping is probably 6mg/ml. If you can reduce that to 3mg/ml during Stoptober you’re making great progress towards nicotine free living!

Many Stoptober vaping newbies will be starting-out with a tobacco flavoured e juice. It’s certainly worth a try, but don’t trash your vaping kit if you find it disappointing. If you’re OK with menthol, you will usually find that a menthol flavoured e juice offers a pleasant and satisfying vape. A multi buy deal like our Oh My God or Vampire Vape deals, is another great way to find your long term all-day-vape.

Smoking vs sub-Ohm vaping

Some smokers switch easily from mouth to lung (MTL) cigarette style vaping to the deeper, direct lung inhale (DLI) used by sub-Ohm vapers. With most sub-Ohm starter kits it doesn’t have to be an ‘either/or’ decision. By lowering the wattage and reducing the airflow, a sub-Ohm vaping setup will give you a reasonable, cigarette style MTL draw. Even with MTL vaping, if you puff on the drip-tip continuously (like a cigarette) you may find that you feel a bit dizzy after a few minutes.

Most sub-Ohm vapers take a few longer, slower draws deep into the lungs. Higher wattage and wider airflow settings can be balanced to adjust the temperature of the vape. You can exhale enormous vapour clouds from a direct lung inhale. If you’re vaping on a tight budget, ease back on the wattage to make your e juice and coil heads last longer.

Sub-Ohm vaping mods are usually (more-or-less) box shaped. Some smokers prefer a cylindrical ‘pen’ style mod or battery because it feels more like a cigarette. After you’ve been vaping for a few weeks with a small, light box mod, it will generally feel very natural in the hand. The box mod’s controllability and extended functions are well worth the awkward feel for a week or two.

The best sub-Ohm starter kits for Stoptober vapers

One of the most popular sub-Ohm kits of 2016 was the Kanger Topbox Mini Starter Kit. This kit features a 7 to 75 Watt regulated mod, powered by a single 18650 battery. The atomizer tank holds 4ml of e-liquid. As well as offering tight, cigarette style mouth to lung airflow, the Topbox Mini kit can be set up to deliver superb clouds and flavour. The kit’s basic features are easy to understand and operate. Advanced wattage control, temperature control and automatic safety features are built into the mod to ensure reliable, hassle-free vaping.

If you feel that a simple, pen-style device would be a better option for Stoptober, take a look at the Joyetech eGo ONE Mini Starter Kit. As well as delivering a mouth to lung, cigarette style vape, this kit comes with a sub-Ohm coil which will give you a cloud chasing, direct lung inhale experience. The eGo ONE Mini has a cylindrical, 850mAh battery and a 1.8ml atomizer tube.

Whether you choose a Topbox Mini, an eGo ONE Mini, or some other nicotine replacement option, we wish you all the best for Stoptober. Here’s hoping that you can go smoke free in 2016!

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