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Live a Healthier Life

6th Jul 2019

Everywhere you look there are picture-perfect (often altered) images of healthy, shining people, living their best life. That’s great, however, it sets a very high bar for the rest of us mere mortals. You don’t need to be doing the latest gym craze thing or be on the most popular fasting diet to live a healthier life, far from it. Yes, we are a vaping company however our take on being healthy is about enjoying life and being realistic about your goals.

If you want to live a healthier life there are numerous things that you can do to make that happen and some of them are covered below. You don’t need to do everything all at once. Some of these may not be relevant to you even. If they are though, these are worth thinking about, from switching from tobacco cigarette smoking to vaping to considering looking after your mental health as well as your physical.

Give Up Smoking To Live a Healthier Life


Seriously, this one is something of a biggy and unless you have been living under a rock we’re pretty sure that you know why. Smoking causes countless conditions and diseases and according to the World Health Organisation can cause cancer and be responsible for premature death. That might seem strongly worded but reams of research and data back this up. Smoking is also harmful to those around you would breathe the toxic smoke in purely because they are nearby, i.e. passive smokers. This danger to non-smokers is partly what led to the introduction of the 2007 Smoke Free legislation which has seen smoking banned in numerous public areas, private venues and on public transport.

Clearly smoking is really not good for you, so if you are looking to live a healthier life consider giving it up by switching to vaping or quitting with NRT / Stop Smoking Service support or whatever works for you and is healthy. With Public Health England hailing vaping as being 95% less harmful at least than smoking, you can see why moving over to flavoured e liquids and e cigarette devices has proven to be the popular and often most successful choice. Any method that helps you quit smoking for good and live a healthier life sounds good to us.

Lose Weight

People are always banging on about how we need to lose weight in order to live a healthier life. If you feel that you want to lose a few pounds, whether we like it or not, losing excess weight can make a significant difference. Thankfully there are numerous ways to achieve this. Some people join various slimming clubs to help with food education and accountability, some may look to their GP service for information on local services and recommendations and others might go it alone. The general rule of thumb is to use more energy than the energy that you put into your body when you eat. More out (use energy) and less in (eat less/eat smarter). Find what works for you and what will continue to help contribute to a healthier life moving forward.

Be More Active

If it isn’t “lose weight” we are told to be more active. Again, this isn’t a bad idea for many of us. If you don’t feel like climbing into lycra or hitting the gym, find your own way to move more. Workout at home, there are so many free workout videos for all abilities online, increase your steps, go to a fitness class to give it a try. Why not walk to to work instead of using the car or take the stairs instead of the lift? There are so many ways that you can increase your daily activity.

Eat Your Way Healthy

Eating more healthy is about making wise swaps. So, swap alcohol for no alcohol or less alcohol. Ditch tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes and flavoured e liquids, choose smaller portions over larger portions. Lots of little changes can make a big difference and when you swap junk food for real food you will find yourself feeling better thanks to the fact that you are eating cleaner and getting all of the nutrients that you need. Choose nourishment and enjoyment without choosing hundreds of extra calories and no vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Mind

It is all very well concentrating on the body but you have to remember that your mind, your mental health and wellness is important too. Work to identify things that stress you, make time for you and seek out help if you need it. You would if you had a broken bone, so why not if your issue is less visible but no less important? If you want to live a healthier life you need to balance your mental and physical health.

In Conclusion

If you opt for a healthier life you are benefiting yourself in so many ways. There is another aspect to consider and it is something that should be a motivating factor. When it comes to quitting smoking there is always the risk that you will slide back into old habits. Vaping goes a long way towards helping with this but sometimes you might need a little extra something to stop you from reaching for cigarettes again. Working to maintain an altogether healthier life, to feel better and to look better, can be something that stops you slipping. The effort that goes into living a healthier life could be enough to make sure that you don’t think going back to smoking is worth it as it would undo all of the good work already completed. This might seem like something of a stretch but it can work, just the same as other motivating factors. 

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