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​Is is PG or VG E Liquid Best for You?

7th Apr 2018

We’ve said it time and time again; one of the best things about vaping is the ability to customise your hobby to suit your individual wants and needs. For example, if you want a plug and play, easy to carry e cig, there are vape pens, if you want a drink-flavoured e liquids, we have those too. Perhaps you want to go nicotine free, yes, that’s an option too. When it comes to making your vape your own you have plenty of options to choose from. One key factor when it comes to choosing your e liquids is whether or not you want a high VG e liquid or one with a higher PG content.

Historically e liquids were mainly PG (Propylene Glycol) based, with as little as 20% of the e juice base being VG (Vegetable Glycerin). Sometimes you see a 50/50 base mix. As the vaping industry has evolved the benefits of VG e liquids have become common knowledge. The question we are helping you answer is….

Are High VG E Liquids for Me or is PG the Best?

This is the $64,000 dollar question and the only one who can answer it correctly is you. When it comes to food we all have our likes and dislikes. Think of vaping the same way; what suits one person may not necessarily suit the next. Keep reading to find out whether a high VG e liquid or PG e liquid might be for you.


Are You New to Vaping?

Again, there’s no rule that states that when you start with vaping that you should or must look at high VG or high PG first. That said, many new vapers find that when switching over from tobacco cigarettes especially that a higher concentration of PG works better for them. The reason for this is that PG is slightly harsher (in a good way) therefore gives a better replication of the type of throat hit that smokers are used to.

For many, a higher PG e liquid is a good place to start however as with all things our preferences change over time, especially when, with vaping, you get a chance to experiment with both different types of e liquids and different devices.

Is Flavour The Main Attraction?

If an enhanced flavour is a big deal for you a higher PG e liquid rather than a high VG e liquid could be for you. The reason for this is that PG carries flavours better while VG has a slight natural taste on its own which will affect the flavour of the e liquid. That said, mixologists understand that about VG and we’re sure they compensate when mixing the flavour strands they are so used to working with. PG is known as the flavour enhancer however we feel that with this one it really is a trial and error thing.

Are You a Cloud Chaser?

With a PG base (which tends to be thinner by the way than a VG base), you do still get vapour (of course), you just don’t get as much and it tends to be rather thin. Those who thoroughly enjoy a big thick vape cloud infused with flavour should be looking for e liquids classed as high VG, so those with a minimum of 70% VG listed in the ingredients.

All About the Throat Hit

Throat hit is the almost scratch-like sensation that you feel in the back of your throat when you take a draw of e liquid. As unlikely as it might sound to those who haven’t experienced it, throat hit may be very pleasurable, and for some, the harsher the better. For this reason PG-based e liquids again tend to be more popular when people are trying to replicate tobacco smoking. That said, if you are a more experienced vaper whois used to the differences between a drag on a cigarette and a draw on an e cig, the chances are that you won’t really need as much PH to be satisfied throat-hit-wise and will experiment more with and enjoy more of a high VG e juice.

Are You Sensitive to PG?

Being allergic to PG and being sensitive to it are two very different things. A PG allergy is very rare. A sensitivity is also rare but does occur. When you are sensitive to PG you might find that instead of a scratchy throat hit that the experience is more hot/burny (not as dramatic as it sounds) and you might find it less pleasurable and more like a sting. These irritation should disappear fairly quickly when stopping high PG e liquids especially. Given that PG is found in many food and cosmetic production processes you would likely know if you were intolerant to it before starting to vape.

In Summary

So, which one is best for you? This blog post might give you an idea of which would be most suited to your needs however the only true measure is trial and error. Enjoy your experimentation!

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