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​How to Store E Liquids

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One of the questions we get asked a lot is “how can I best store my e liquids” or variations of the same. Questions like this we love because how you store your e juice really can make a difference to how long they last and the quality of the e liquids.

Many factors affect e liquids, for example heat, light and air. It’s worth bearing this in mind when you decide how and where you’ll store your precious e liquid collection. With so many fabulous flavours to choose from and enjoy, why would you risk diluting the flavour through ineffective storage? It just doesn’t make sense. Effective storage saves you money in the long run and maintains the quality of your e juice thereby protecting your vaping enjoyment.

Light Matters

Believe it or not light can be a real issue when it comes to maintaining the quality of your e liquid. E liquids in a brightly lit area will degrade more quickly, breaking down and losing potency.

Look for light-proof storage boxes or areas that are out of the way of direct light sources when choosing how to store your e liquid collection.

Heat Vulnerability

If Kryptonite is Superman’s vulnerability, heat is an e liquid’s. Higher than average temperatures break down an e liquid, altering the flavour of the e liquid entirely. It also adds to evaporation if lids are not properly sealed which again means that e liquids may be spoilt, stronger than you’d like and that there would be less of it. Heat alters an e juice in a number of ways and none of them tend to enhance the vaping experience. If you want to test the theory leave a vial in the sun or somewhere warm like your car for a few days and you’ll soon see that the colour darkens and you’ve a lot less e liquid when you retrieve it than when you started.

Air and E Liquid

E liquids break down in air which is why it is important to always ensure that your e liquid vials are always properly sealed otherwise oxidation occurs. The result of this is a different tasting e liquid to what you may expect, a stronger one, a rather bitter and peppery taste, and one which is unlikely to offer you the quality vape that you might expect and hope for.

In Summary

Clearly there are a number of factors to consider when you are looking to source adequate storage for your e liquids. First and foremost safety is the initial issue. The nicotine in e liquids could be very nasty if swallowed by a pet or a child (or an adult) and therefore should be treated the same way that medicines and household chemicals are. Keep e liquids out of reach and sealed. Invest in a lockable box if you think this is appropriate.

Other than that no fancy measures are required. Simply ensure that lids are replaced tightly, that your storage area is cool, dark and that there aren’t any other strong scents nearby (so it’s probably best not to store your e liquids next to perfumes and bleaches).

Some feel a fridge is the best place to store an e liquid collection however this really isn’t necessary, unless you live in an incredibly hot place. This isn’t something we are too concerned with here in the UK.

As a final note please bear in mind that how e liquids react with air, light and heat and how long they keep at their best in general will depend on the brand, the ingredients used, the age of the e liquid and the overall quality. It stands to reason that a top spec e liquid produced with pharmaceutical ingredients will be the e liquid that will last longer when compared to a poor quality version.