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How E Cigarette Starter Kits & Flavoured E Liquid Can Help Smokers Quit!

How E Cigarette Starter Kits & Flavoured E Liquid Can Help Smokers Quit!

17th Sep 2015

Giving up smoking can be an arduous, and for some, impossible task. The main physical hurdle a smoker must face is nicotine withdrawal. But psychological aspects can also hinder your chances of giving up successfully.

Many people miss the actual act of smoking. They are controlled by the habitual rituals of smoking, for example, lighting up after a meal, or last thing at night or even the hand to mouth action of smoking.

Others are worried about gaining weight by quitting or being constantly irritable while trying to battle their cravings. Many blame the inability to quit on a stressful lifestyle. The truth is that smoking causes far more stress than trying to give up. With the tightening of smoking laws, smokers are finding it harder and harder to smoke in public or in the workplace. This in itself can leave you incredibly stressed and irritable. How many smokers dread flying just because they have to abstain from smoking for a few hours?

If you have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking, and are tired of trying out expensive quit-smoking aids, then maybe you should consider an alternative: E cigarettes. 

What Is An E Cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are filled with a non-toxic e liquid that produces a harmless vapour that simulates tobacco smoking. E cigarettes do not produce carcinogenic chemicals or tar, like tobacco cigarettes. E liquids are available in a range of nicotine levels so that you can control your intake and gradually wean yourself off your nicotine addiction. E cigarettes will not produce smoke and therefore will not affect those around you through passive smoking. E cigarettes cost far less than tobacco cigarettes. Once you have invested in a starter kit, the liquids are far cheaper than traditional cigarettes or cigars. If you would like to try e cigarettes but are not sure how they work, then consider buying a cheap starter kit.

E Cigarette Starter Kits

A basic e cigarette starter kit contains everything you need to make the transition from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes:

  • A lithium battery.
  • A clearomizer/tank to contain the e liquid of your choice.
  • A USB charger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

    Advanced kits allow you to change the voltage and enjoy your e cigarette even when it is being charged. Prices vary depending on the kit you choose, but for the absolute beginner who is wary of spending even more money on a quit-smoking aid, starter kits are available from as little as £8.99. Once you have chosen your starter kit, you will need to buy an e liquid to fill your device.

    E Liquids

    E liquids are poured into the clearomizer or vape tank and are powered by the battery to produce a light vapour. E liquids are available in a vast range of interesting flavours: from the more traditional tobacco flavours to menthol, exotic fruits, confectionary, drinks and even cocktail flavours. With prices starting from just £2.99 for a 10ml bottle of e liquid, switching to e cigarettes is a far cheaper, as well as, healthy alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

    Nicotine Levels

    Once you have chosen your e liquid, you can then decided what level of nicotine you require. If you have a high dependency, then you will need a stronger nicotine level. You can then slowly reduce your nicotine levels at your own pace. An e cigarette starter kit will give you the option of quitting slowly and securely without having to suffer the unpleasant side-effects of giving up. GoSmokeFree offer a range of basic and advanced starter kits for every kind of budget. We supply extra parts, accessories and a wide range of great tasting e liquids. Call us today for more information.                                                                                                              

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