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E Smoking Sales Boom as Nicotine Replacement Sales Fall

28th Nov 2015

Recent findings seem to indicate that the number of people choosing e cigarettes over cessation devices such as nicotine gum or nicotine patches has risen sharply for the first time. Here in the United Kingdom the vaping industry is the second largest in the world and the popularity of e cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco smoking shows no sign of letting up.

Nicotine replacement sales have risen steadily as the years have gone on and as consumers have become more aware of the true dangers of smoking tobacco products. The decline then in cessation device sales alongside the rise in e cigarette revenues seem unlikely to be a coincidence.

It certainly appears that in order to quit smoking many tobacco smokers are turning to e cigarettes.

While e cigarettes are not manufactured, intended, marketed or authorised for use as a cessation device it isn't difficult to see why many vapers would use them as such. E cigarettes offer a considerably cleaner smoking experience than tobacco cigarettes with these traditional cigarettes containing a great number of chemicals and by-products that WHO have classified as both toxic and cancer-causing.

In addition to this vapers have the option to alter their nicotine levels as they choose with many e liquids being available at varying strengths including nicotine free varieties. Nicotine is the highly addictive ingredient found in both tobacco cigarettes and e cigarettes and so in theory being able to gradually control and decrease the amount smoked will lessen the overall addiction, making the habit easier to break altogether.

To further back up the idea that British vape customers are using e cigarettes in place of cessation devices and similar aids recent figures show that UK e smoking sales revenues have increased by an impressive 75% to as much as £459 million whereas the nicotine replacement market has seen a 3% decline for the first time in 9 years. Previously these cessation devices and aids were growing revenue-wise by as much 4% per annum.

Overall the e cigarette market is booming with worldwide sales growing to 59%, reaching a staggering £3.9 billion pounds (figures from Euromonitor International).

While these figures cannot definitively prove that smokers are choosing e cigs over nicotine patches and the like it would certainly seem to be a logical conclusion. The e cigarette related sales figures beat nicotine replacements in the UK for the first time back in 2012 and since then the gap has widened significantly.

Vaping has revolutionised the way that the smoking world works, with not only many associating the decline in cessation device sales to their popularity but also the threat e cigarettes present to tobacco smoking. While the tobacco industry is incredibly well established vaping certainly poses a threat to its revenue due to the boost in popularity as well as consumers being more aware of the negative affect of tobacco smoking on their health these days. Added to this the tobacco company are battling smoking bans, rising taxes and more. It is little wonder then that tobacco companies are investing in e smoking, particular in throwaway / disposable e cigarettes.

It will be interesting to watch the way that the smoking market develops over the next few years, in particular the relationship between e smoking and cessation as many hope that in the not too far off future that e cigarettes will be officially adopted by the authorities as a valid cessation method. Time will tell!

In the meantime the vaping market will continue to grow, offering fans new e liquid flavours, more e cig accessories and a wider ranges of devices in order to maximise their vaping enjoyment.

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