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Could Vaping Help You Lose Weight?

2nd Sep 2016

It’s no secret that many people tend to put weight on after giving up tobacco cigarettes. This is hardly a surprising fact, given that cigarettes contain nicotine which serves as an appetite suppressant. It has also been known to stimulate which some believe helps their metabolism.

Weight gain is no joking matter as weight gain, particularly significant weight gain can be harmful to health. What then is the answer? Well, given that smoking tobacco cigarettes has been proven to cause cancer and contribute to a number of nasty diseases, giving up is worth a few extra pounds, particularly as there are other ways to lose weight.

Many bemoan not only the loss of nicotine on causing weight gain but the loss of a hand to mouth habit. If you aren’t putting a cigarette to your mouth, what are you doing? Putting a biscuit in there? A sandwich? Some crisps? For many it seems that vaping can stop all of these weight-gain side effects in their tracks.

What is an e cigarette? It is a device that allows you to enjoy the habit of smoking without the 42+ recognised carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals and ingredients that standard cigarettes are known to contain. E cigs allow you to mimic the same hand to mouth action, to enjoy the relaxation smoking provides, it puts something in your hand that isn’t a custard cream and of course as e liquids contain nicotine in varying strengths, they act as an appetite stimulant in the same way that that tobacco cigarettes were reported to do.

So, all of those who use “I don’t want to gain weight” as an excuse not to give up toxic tobacco cigarettes can no longer use that as a valid reason for continuing smoking.

There are other ways to look at the post-smoking weight gain issue too. Many vapers, having given up tobacco smoking have reported feeling better in themselves, not being so breathless, being more active; all of this helps them to move more than before and this in turn helps to burn off extra calories. We’re not saying give up tobacco and go to the gym five times a week (unless you really feel the urge), we’re saying enjoy the benefits of not smoking tobacco and how much healthier you feel, especially as these will help you not only maintain weight but possibly lose some too.

The world is full of fad diets and wonder-pills for losing weight which is a frightening phenomenon. Those in the know, doctors and nutritionists, tend to focus more on a healthy eating, higher activity level plan to losing or maintaining weight and of course this is a lot easier when you are able to move around more without wheezing and are being pro-active about your health. Exchanging smoking for the much cleaner vaping helps with this.

There are companies out there who have jumped on the marketing bandwagon to produce what they refer to as weight-loss e cigs. These are custom made devices which are used in the same way that normal e cigs are, with e liquids flavoured like people’s “normal” food cravings i.e. sweet treats and cola etc. Again, you get all of this with a standard vaping e cig. The wonder cigs for weight loss do contain nicotine in the same way that standard e liquids do and potential another stimulant or appetite suppressant. Users have reported much success with these new branded stop smoking and stay skinny e cigs and so it stands to reason that the incredibly similar normal vaping systems should help you just the same; to quit tobacco smoking and avoid piling on the pounds.

So, continue smoking tobacco cigarettes full of toxic chemicals and potentially stay the same weight (if your diet stays the same) or move over to vaping which is cleaner, still contains nicotine which stimulates you and serves to suppress your appetite?

Continue smoking or swap to vaping which mimics the hand to mouth action smoking does, the habit of having something in your hand and which can be used with a number of flavoured e liquids to help you satisfy your cravings without the calories?

There’s no real and valid reason to stay with tobacco for the fear that you’ll gain pounds if you don’t as vaping offers all of the “benefits” of smoking, none of the harmful to health chemicals and helps you to if not maintain weight, actually lose weight. What are you waiting for? Unless you fancy giving up tobacco altogether and moving onto the cabbage diet, it makes sense!

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