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Common Clearomizer Issues That Can Be Avoided

17th Apr 2018

Vaping is no different to any other new thing; it can take time to get used to it, to learn the lingo and with vaping especially, understand how best to use and maintain your device. Thankfully vaping is much more simple than many would have you believe. That said, there are ways to enhance your vaping experience and there are ways to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. This collection of clearomizer-related issues are easy fixed/sorted if you know how.

In order to extend the life of your clearomizer and your device, as well as avoid bothersome vaping delays, it’s important to understand first what a clearomizer is and what it does. Basically, clearomizers and cartomizers offer the same; they contain a wick, cartridge, atomizer, provide a storage chamber for your e liquid and it connects directly to the battery. The battery of course serves to heat the e liquid and so on, producing your flavoured vapour. Clearomizers gain their name from the glass body or transparent plastic body they favour, which many like as it enables you to see how much e liquid you have left with ease.


Common Clearomizer Problems and How to Fix Them

Keep it Topped Up

One of the most common clearomizer issue is allowing the e liquid level to drop too low, burning out the atomizer which either shortens its life or destroys it altogether. If you have chosen a clearomizer you should be able to see with a glance how much e liquid is left in, so remember to check regularly.

Don’t Vape Straight Away

On filling your clearomizer up give the wick a minute (or three to five) to be coated/soak up your e liquid. This avoids that not-so-fun burning taste of a burned out tank/burnt wick. If your clearomizer houses sub ohm wicks you’ll need to leave it a bit longer.

Suck Shorter

If you are someone attempting to take huge, long, prolonged draws on your e cigarette you are going to damage the atomizer, particularly if this is a low-ohm atomizer. Take care not to over-extend your device like this. You don’t need to take ultra-long draws to enjoy your vape. Have a try with different draw times/strengths and see how you get on.

E Liquid in the Chimney

When you read the e cigarette device instructions for filling up with e liquid you will no doubt see something along the lines of “Do not allow e liquid to go into the chimney or it will flood”. It does indeed flood. If you drip your e liquid into the central tube you’ll soon know as you’ll hear a somewhat unpleasant gurgling noise. If this occurs the best way to fix the issue is the unscrew/remove the bottom and blow through it sharply onto some kitchen roll or similar.

Switch Off Before Pocketing

It always pays to ensure that your device is properly switched off and locked (if this function exists) before putting it in your pocket or your bag. Not only is this good safety advice, it also protects your clearomizer. If your e cigarette has been bubbling away in your pocket it is going to burn dry and it is going to cause damage, as well as an unholy stink. Check your device instructions for the best way to switch the e cig off (many have a five-click function where you must press the device button 5 times in quick succession to either switch the device on or off properly).

Top or Bottom

Clearomizers may be filled from the top or the bottom. Make sure you check which way is the right way when you buy a new device to avoid a messy clean-up job and the risk of damage

Screw it Properly

When you construct your clearomizer make sure that the coil is properly screwed in place. Don’t tighten it too much, but be firm. If you are struggling, turn it a half turn the wrong way before smoothly turning back and screwing closed. This can help you thread it properly. If you make sure your clearomizer is properly screwed down/on you’ll avoid leaks.

Top Fill Settings Disasters

If your device, as with quite a few of the new devices, has two top fill settings, vape and fill modes, make sure that once you’ve refilled with your e liquid that you turn it back to vape mode before you vape. If you don’t you’ll be looking at burnt coils and leaking e liquid, neither of which add up to a pleasant vape.

Line Up The Air Holes

Take note of your air holes as if these aren’t properly lined up and open you might well struggle to get a decent draw, or any draw at all. This oversight usually occurs post-filling so make checking the air holes part of your filling and maintenance routine.

Match Your Kit Up Properly

There is little point buying yourself a new, higher specification clearomizer only to try and screw it onto an old and less powerful battery. Vaping tech is evolving rapidly and so it is important to make sure that your battery and your clearomizer match up. Again, check with the manufacturer of your clearomizer, read the instructions or ask us if you’re unsure.

*Top tip: Remember to give your new battery a good charge up, at least four hours before use.

Cleaning Your Clearomizer

If cleaning your clearomizer some advise using a twisted up piece of kitchen roll or similar. If washing out your clearomizer tank do so in warm soapy water, rinsing it clear and allow it to dry for half a day to ensure that it is properly dried out. Check for any damage before screwing everything back together.

In Summary

Leaks, poor performance, damage and burning (not pleasant) are all a waste of your vaping time. If you learn to use your device properly, maintain your clearomizer regularly and keep an eye on those things mentioned above you will find yourself with much better performance and an altogether more enjoyable vaping experience.

Overall, it pays to read the instructions for your device before you do anything and to keep them safe for reference. This really is one of those times you do need the instructions as all devices are not build the same.

Here’s to a healthy clearomizer and a fabulously flavoursome and satisfying vape!

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