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​A PG or VG Base?

27th Dec 2018

You wouldn’t believe how many times we are asked here at Go Smoke Free whether a PG or VG base is best. Needless to say, it’s pretty often. The thing is, we can’t tell you whether a high VG e liquid or one with more PG in it is what you need. Vaping is a very individual thing which means what one person loves, another might not be quite so keen on. When it comes choosing a PG or VG base, the information below may help you narrow down the best choice for you.

What Are E Liquids Again?

An e liquid is the flavoured liquid that you use in your e cigarette which is then heated in order to produce a flavoured

vapour that can be inhaled and exhaled. It doesn’t matter whether you have a pod mod, a box mod, a vape pen or basic starter kit, none of these devices are any good without your e liquid loaded up and ready to go.

The beauty of vaping and eliquid in general is the amount of choice you have. You can choose from hundreds of different flavours but also choose your nicotine strength and your base type to suit your needs, hence this blog post!

How Do E Liquid Bases Work

Your base liquid is usually made up of PG and/or VG. It is most common to see a mix of the two but in different ratios. The ratio, i.e whether you have a high VG e liquid or a higher PG e liquid (or a balance) will have an effect on how your vaping vapour tastes and feels.

All About Propylene Glycol (PG)

A commonly seen product, not just in e liquid, but in food production and more, PG is colourless and odourless and carries the flavouring that expert mixologists add to e liquids well. PG is often a firm favourite, initially at least, with new vapers who have recently moved over from smoking to vaping. The reason for this is that bases with more PG in them tend to offer a firmer, harsher throat hit. This is the “bitty”, “gravelly” feeling in the back of your throat when you inhale your vapour. It is a pleasurable sensation and one that smokers are used to with tobacco cigarettes. PG is a popular base with many, in various different ratios alongside VG.

Very rarely (under 2% of people) an irritation may occur as a result to sensitivity to PG. This presents as a persistent cough (most new vapers cough a little at first but it goes very quickly) and throat irritation. If you think you may be sensitive to PG it may be a good idea to consider high VG e liquid instead.

Vegetable Glycerin Information

In order to choose the best for you, you need to know what is out there, so let us introduce you to VG as an e liquid base. Vegetable Glycerin is a natural ingredient and as such comes with a slight naturally occurring sweet taste. It is thick and offers a smooth vape that is popular with many. Those of you who love big vape clouds full of flavour may prefer a high VG e liquid (where there is a higher percentage of VG in the base than PG). High VG e juice is perfect for producing thick and smooth vapour and as such is also popular with sub ohm vaping enthusiasts.

Sub ohm vaping is where a vaper uses different coils (low resistance coils) in order to boost flavour production and to amplify the amount of vapour the device produces. So, if you’re into big vapour and great flavour, high VG e liquid could another the “A PG or VG base” question for you!

In Summary

Both base liquids offer great tasting vapour and an awesome vaping experience, especially with our range of fab e liquids! Whether you choose a PG or VG base will depend on what you are looking to get out of your vaping hobby. Explore the ranges, think about flavours and experiment a little. That’s part of the fun!

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