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The world of vaping moves very fast, with new designs and cutting-edge technology meaning that we are introducing exciting new products to the website weekly. The upgrade in terms of vaping tech everyone is talking about right now of course are pod mods.

Pod system vape kits have taken the vaping community by storm, being very popular with new vapers and those moving over from smoking to vaping especially. Being so easy to use, it’s no wonder that these pod mods are flying off the shelves.

What is a Pod Mod?


Lightweight and incredibly portable a closed pod mod simply requires you to pop in a pre-filled pod of e liquid and you’re good to go. Unlike the throwaway single-use ecigs you can buy from supermarkets, pod mods sport a much more powerful battery (which lasts longer than expected) and offers a lot more variety and a significantly higher amount of quality vapour.

Thanks to being so quick and easy to use, even advanced, long term vapers are turning to pod mods to use alongside their usual set-up as they offer a top-spec vape that with most designs is small enough to sit in your pocket with a couple of spare pods.

Originally seen as a quirky extension to mainstream vaping, over time pod mods have started to shine and as their popularity has risen, so too has the development of pod mods. Open pod mods allow for the refilling of the pods or even in some cases a small tank within the pod mod, which offers even more flexibility in terms of flavours and strength when on the go, and for additional savings money-wise too.

Having a portable, great-looking, powerful, convenient and easy to use vaping pod mod system to hand is something that is going to make a difference to many, not least because it promises to work alongside our busy lives, something that is in huge demand these days.

How Do They Work?

Pod Mods work pretty much the same way as most e cigarettes, using a coil and wick scenario and a battery to heat up e liquid in order to produce a flavoursome vapour. Pod mods just do everything in miniature. You still take a draw from the mouthpiece, activating the e cig and enjoying your vape as before, sometimes with a firing button, often without. The design is simple yet effective and boasts cutting edge battery powered vaping in a dollhouse-like size.

It’s important to remember that pod mods are not super-powered, all bells and whistles box mods. That said, as many have higher capacity batteries, you should still be enjoying a pretty good vape, with decent cloud production and flavours that are as fierce, fun and fabulous as ever.


In Summary

Pod Mods are simple, and that is part of their charm. You can’t customise your pod mod system vape past refilling pods or a small tank with your own choice of e liquid and so it is perfect for new starters, those looking to keep things very simple yet enjoyable and those who vape on the go a lot and anyone looking for something smaller than your average box mod vaping system.

It’s a fast-moving industry and with pod mods being fairly new and up and coming, it will pay to keep an eye on the website as we’ll have more and more pod mod-related items on offer for you very soon, as well as those already in stock to tempt you.

*Don’t forget to collect your reward points when purchasing so you may redeem them and treat yourself down the line.

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